how to change your Snapchat username

Here’s how to finally change your cringey Snapchat username with the new update

You can now let go of your weird childhood phase once and for all x

It looks like our prayers have finally been answered because we can now change our awful Snapchat users which we conjured up when we were so obviously too young to have the app. Millions of us have been waiting years and years for this moment and now the day has finally come, so here’s exactly how to change your Snapchat username and rid yourself of your year eight alter ego once and for all:

Follow these steps below and change your Snapchat username:

So basically, people in Australia have the update already but we’re still waiting for it in the UK. However, if you’re really desperate to get rid of your old one then here’s how you can change your Snapchat username if you’re not in Australia.

1. Download VPN and select your country as Australia

2. Go to your App Store or Play Store and update the app

3. Once the update is finished, open Snapchat and click in your profile

4. Click the little cog in the top right corner

5. Click username, change it and then press “ok”

If these steps don’t work then you can also change the country for your Apple ID which will allow you to change your username. Here’s how to do that:

1. Click on your App Store profile

2. Select your Apple ID

3. Go to country and region and click on Australia

4. Fill in the categories and then press “ok”

5. Enjoy your newfound identity and let go of your old and embarrassing self

Snapchat hasn’t confirmed the update will be for everyone

Right now, there hasn’t been any kind of official statement regarding the new update. But given the reaction to the fact people can change their usernames, we can hope and pray the app will change the settings for everyone across the world.

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