We asked young people over the age of 17 who use Snapchat, why?

‘I keep all my nudes in the my eyes only folder’

Everyone reaches a point in life when they decide it’s time to delete Snapchat and grow up. But why is that silly little ghost app so hard to let go of? Do people over the age of 17 still use it??? The answer is yes, and we spoke to them.

Whereas you used to used Snapchat in 2017 to document you uni night out from pre-drinks to the cheesy chips on the way home, people still using Snapchat in 2021 told The Tab they keep it for the memories for a bit of nostalgia, whereas others use it to send nudes or contact their dealers.

The Tab spoke to eight young people over the age of 17 who still use Snapchat and asked them why. Here is what they had to say:

‘I use it so my friends can see where I am and don’t file another missing person report’

I use Snapchat to stalk my housemate’s location, so I can time takeaway deliveries with her arrival. Also, I use it to reassure my housemates I am still alive while on blind Hinge dates. The one time I didn’t update or turn on my location, I was presumed missed and a preliminary police report was filed.

Also like the majority of people, I use Snapchat for its memories feature, so I can remember what life was like pre-pandemic when I wore jeans, actually left the house and didn’t live through a national toilet paper shortage.

Lauren, 21

‘The main reason I have it is for work’

I have Snapchat on my phone downloaded still, but I literally use it less than once a month. The main reason I have it is for work, because sometimes I need to check videos on Snap Maps for things. A few of my friends still use it regularly for talking to friends and posting stories, which honestly makes me feel sick because it’s like come on, you’re 23 years old and you need to get a life. I do like seeing my old memories though from sixth form and my first couple of years of uni.

When I’m on dating apps and people ask me for their Snapchat, it’s an immediate red flag and I ghost them without question. I didn’t even send nudes or anything on there when I was 18, so I am absolutely not doing that now – that’s not what I’m looking for from people.

Katie, 22*

‘Snapchat private stories are better in my opinion’

I feel like Snapchat blew up and became really popular with our generation especially. Most people at my secondary school used Snapchat as a way of communicating with each other and our generation in general so obviously we’ve become accustomed to it and now that we’re older it’s still the same.

Although some people have outgrown it, there’s still so many people our age who use it. Also, the Snapchat private stories are better in my opinion because you can have multiple for different reasons, one for the girls and one for everyone, whereas Instagram only has close friends story.

Plus, it is a good way of communicating because you can see people’s faces when you message so I guess that’s nice especially during the pandemic. Obviously other social media have the same feature, but that’s Snapchat’s main feature so I think that’s why a lot of people still use it.

Althea, 21

‘I use Snapchat to send nudes’

I use Snapchat to send nudes, but I also send them via text so it’s not that deep. Sometimes I’ll use it to contact my dealer as well but mainly I’ll just use it so I can see photos of people when we are talking because that keeps me engaged in the conversation.

Plus, I can stalk my boyfriend on Snap Maps which is fun.

Bella, 21

‘Snapchat leaves you liable to unsolicited dick pics but that doesn’t make me want to delete it’

I keep Snapchat because all my friends still have it and I don’t really have a need to delete it. I have photos saved on it with memories and sometimes I have a quick flick through stories and news if I’m bored. Also, the app has a better camera than the Apple one and nicer filters than Instagram.

Also, speaking of Instagram, I feel like you need to follow a lot of people on there. Even the ones you don’t know, but Snapchat is more private and limited to people I know – those are the ones I want seeing the more unfiltered bits of my life.

I get Snapchat can leave you liable to unsolicited dick pics but that doesn’t make me want to delete it because I am very careful about who I do and don’t add. Whenever I’ve been on a dating app, I deliberately don’t give out my Snapchat username for this reason exactly. I usually give out my Instagram handle which means I can give them a quick stalk and if I receive any photos I will block them.

Sarah, 19*

‘It’s got everything you need’

I first got Snapchat when I was 16, same with everyone else at my school, and I don’t see a reason to stop using it. It’s more interesting to chat to people on because you are sending them pictures of what you’re doing at the time. It’s going everything you need.

Plus, the ability to send nudes that don’t last, which is good. Instagram has all the same stuff, but it just doesn’t feel the same.

Gemma, 20

‘WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are boring’

It’s a godly messaging app, I see no reason not to use it. What other option have we got? Texting on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger is boring, Snapchat is the only way forward.

It’s quick and easy, you can send nice pictures and your messages delete after a while- what’s not to love??

Sam, 20

‘I like to filter my own face because I am insecure about my appearance’

I still use Snapchat because looking back on the memories feature makes me feel nostalgic. I also like the clapped filters because they’re jokes, and I like catching people off guard with them for a joke.

I like to filter my own face because, like a lot of women in their 20s, I am insecure about my appearance.  It’s also important to me that I check the location of my female friends and family members when they’re out or in Ubers, I use the maps feature to do this.

Also, I feel like everyone uses it for this but posting shit stories is fun and watching other people’s.

Lucy, 26*

‘I keep all my nudes in the my eyes only folder’

I still use Snapchat mainly for the my eyes only feature, it’s where I keep all my nudes so if I need one then it’s easy access and they’re all kept in one safe place. Plus, the memories feature is so fun as well, especially with seeing my life before the pandemic.

I also like to keep tabs on whoever I’m chatting to. I’ll check a guy’s Snapchat score to see if it’s going up because then I’ll know if he is chatting to other women. Also, I use Snap Maps to check the location of my ex.

Megan, 22

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