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This quick trick allows you to add Snapchat filters to all your group video calls

It works on Mac and PC

Video calls just aren’t great, are they? It’s like everything about them is so orchestrated yet faux casual – they’re hosted in your bedroom, you often don’t bother wearing trousers and you have to push the empty plates and bowls out of shot just so that your room doesn’t look filthy. Yet there’s still a pressure to look your best, whether that’s slapping on some makeup beforehand or spending a good five minutes in the waiting room making sure your hair looks perfect.

Well, there’s now a solution to your woes, and it comes in the form of Snap Camera. Basically, you can use any Snapchat filter in whichever software you want, be it Hangout, Teams or Zoom – whether that’s the funny horse ones or the filters that are designed to actually make you look fit. So, here’s a step by step guide on how you can use Snap filters in your online video calls.

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How do I add filters to my video calls?

We all want to inject a little bit of fun into proceedings once in a while. So, turning yourself into a slug before your horrified coursemates or wanting to make yourself look tanned af has never been easier, and here’s how you do so:


  • Download the correct software depending on whether you’re using a PC or Mac.


  • Open the app, where you’ll be met with a load of different filters on the screen. Choose the one you wish to use by clicking on it.


  • Once you see that the filter has been applied in the app, go to whichever video call software that you’re using and there you have it!

If the filter doesn’t come up in your video call, try playing with the input settings as some video calling platforms may ask you to select “Snap Camera” from a list of webcams.

If you’re using this app for any other reason than to look 10/10 in your online lectures (a la “snail” filter included in the main image of this article), then for the love of god please film it and stick the results on TikTok.

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