find out who has saved your instagram photo

The foolproof way to see how many Insta stalkers are sneakily saving your posts

None of you are slick btw

Have you ever stopped to wonder how many people are saving your Instagram photos?

If you’re anything like me, you probably base your entire self-worth on whether your latest pic gets over 20 likes. Nothing beats the little portion of inner peace you feel when a photo absolutely bangs online and the comments come rolling in. Knowing exactly who’s responsible for the engagement can be an ego-boost too – and thankfully we can see exactly which followers are dishing out the likes, comments and saves like sweets.

There’s one simple way of finding out just how many people are putting a placeholder on your picture, and I’m about to tell you exactly how to do it. You’re welcome!

Switch account settings

Firstly, you annoyingly need to take your account off private. Select the three lines on the top-right hand corner, go to settings and there you’ll find the privacy section. Once you’re on there, a switch at the top will allow you to de-select “private account”, making each of your posts public again.

privacy account how to see who's saving your instagram posts

Once anyone can see your page, you need to then convert to a business account. Staying on settings, you’ll need to scroll down to the bottom of the menu. There, you’ll see the “switch to professional account” option. Once you’ve answered each question and have each business tool at your disposal – the fun can begin.

business account instagram

View your post insights

To get one step closer to finding out just how many people are saving your Instagram photos, you’ll need to find one of your posts and select “view insights” on the left-hand side.

view insights page instagram

Once you’re in, you’ll be able to see exactly how many people have liked, commented on and even *saved* your post. Freaky!!!

Sadly due to data protection laws, you can no longer see how many interesting individuals have forwarded your photo on to their mates. Throwback to when over 10 people sent on my swimsuit selfie!

saved posts instagram how many people are saving your Instagram photos

Unfortunately, we’re still waiting on Instagram to introduce a feature where you can see exactly *who* is out there saving your posts.

Featured photo via Unsplash before edits.

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