Quiz: Which Love Actually guy would you end up with?

Please not Mark x

The men in Love Actually aren’t great. They lie, cheat and abandon their family Christmases to go after the woman they met less than a month ago. And yet every year we sign up to watch this questionable group of men as part of our Christmas tradition. After multiple rewatches you should know the men pretty well by now. Daniel is sensitive and kind. Colin is loud and obnoxious. And David is the best prime minister this country has ever seen. But which of these men would you end up with?

We’ve created a quiz to see which of the Love Actually guys is your Christmas soulmate. Are you destined to spend it in country pubs with David? Or running off to Europe with Jamie? Either way you’re in for an interesting Christmas.

To find out which Love Actually guy you’d end up with take this quiz:

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