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A roundup of the shortest ever jungle stays from I’m A Celebrity campmates

Olivia Attwood has just joined an iconic bunch


I’m A Celebrity has been filled with campmates who can’t cut the Aussie jungle, ever since the show first started – and today one of the 2022 cast has left on medical grounds becoming one of the celebs with the shortest ever appearances.

Since the show began in 2001 there’s been numerous celebrities walk out of the show for many reasons. Katie Price left because the jungle reminded her of Peter Andre, Spencer Matthews quit over steroid addiction and Brian Harvey walked because of farting.

These are the shortest ever appearances on I’m A Celebrity:

Katie Price – Seven days

Katie Price went on I’m A Celebrity, not once but twice. She first appeared in the show in 2004 where she fell in love with Peter Andre and thus begun one of the most memorable reality TV relationships in history.

Five years later, after she’d married Pete, had two children together and then the couple got divorced. And so Katie returned to the I’m A Celebrity jungle.

However a week into the show she quit as the jungle reminded her too much of her relationship with Pete.

Brian Harvey – Seven days

Ex East 17 boy band member Brian Harvey joined I’m A Celebrity in 2004 and lasted a whole seven days before quitting over farting. Yes, really.

In a number of episodes Brian was seen being told by Janet Street-Porter for consistently farting. On day seven she told him off for farting near where she was cooking and he responded by storming out and saying he “didn’t want to be treated like a kid”.

Brian had originally joined the show a day late after learning his grandmother had died whilst he was in Australia.

Spencer Matthews – Five days

It was set to be an iconic season when Spencer Matthews entered the jungle in 2015, however the ex Made in Chelsea member quit the show after five days.

Spencer had one of the shortest I’m A Celebrity appearances ever because of an addiction to steroids. In a statement he released after leaving Spencer said he had failed to tell producers of his addiction to steroids. He said he had planned to gradually come off the pills before entering the jungle however there was no time.

After telling the producers this the production team decided it would no longer be safe for him to continue filming.

Camilla Dallerup – Four days

Camilla Dallerup appeared on the ninth season of I’m A Celebrity and had become famous for her role as a professional dancer on Strictly Come Dancing.

She quit I’m A Celebrity after four days due to exhaustion and low energy. In the Bush Telegraph she told viewers she felt constantly faint and had spoken to the medics.

Camilla said: “I’ve decided to leave the camp. I’ve had a chat with the medics and I’ve taken the decision because if I stayed any longer I could risk my health.

“I feel really weak like I could faint any time.  I don’t have any reserve.  I’m a small person and I don’t have any reserve to draw on and today when I woke up its got worse every day.  I just felt this was the worse I’ve ever felt.”

Craig Charles – Four days

Coronation Street actor Craig Charles took part in the 2014 series of I’m A Celebrity, however he left after four days due to the sudden death of his brother.

Jack Maynard – Three days

YouTuber Jack Maynard appeared on the 2017 series of I’m A Celebrity alongside Made in Chelsea’s Toff, who he is now good friends with.

However Jack only stayed in the jungle for three days before quitting the show in order to defend himself from a number of allegations circulating in the media.

At the time it was claimed Jack had written racist and homophobic tweets. It was also reported Jack had requested nude images from a 14 year old girl. The girl in question said the incident happened when she was 14 and he was 16 years old and she was not affected by his request.

After leaving the jungle Jack apologised for his tweets and said he was ashamed of what he had written.

Freddie Starr – Three days

Comedian Freddie Starr left I’m A Celebrity after three days on the advice of the show’s medical team.

He suffered an allergic reaction after competing in the eating Bush Tucker Trial and the production team did not believe it was safe for him to continue filming.

Gemma Collins – Three days

Gemma’s appearance on I’m A Celebrity in 2014 will go down in TV history, if only for how short her time on the show was.

During the show Gemma complained about the lack of food and believed she had malaria. However when she left three days in Gemma claimed it was due to a personal incident which occurred just before she appeared on I’m A Celebrity.

Gemma told The Sun she had been assaulted by her boyfriend before she arrived, a claim he initially denied however a few days later he turned himself in to the police before being released on bail.

Olivia Attwood – One day

Sadly, Olivia Attwood from Love Island is the latest addition to the shortest I’m A Celebrity appearances – she’d only been in there one day before having no choice to quit on medical grounds.

A spokesperson for I’m A Celebrity said: “As a precautionary measure Olivia needed to leave the jungle to undergo some medical checks. Unfortunately the medical team has advised it is not safe for Olivia to return to camp as there needs to be a further investigation. She has been absolutely brilliant and she’ll be very much missed on the show.”

Elaine Lordan – One day

And the title for the shortest of I’m A Celebrity appearances ever goes to ex Eastenders actress Elaine Lordan.

Elaine entered the 2005 series but had to leave the show during the first day as she collapsed twice during filming.

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