A trivia quiz all about the most recent and current series of Made in Chelsea on E4

Only someone who *still* watches Made in Chelsea can get full marks in this trivia quiz

Sophie, who?

For some, Made in Chelsea is a way of life. No matter how many millions of seasons it goes on for, we will still be loyal through and through and watch as the cast members splash the cash, argue, breakup and bitch about each other over brunch. It’s the best sort of trashy entertainment, and for those who love it, the following Made in Chelsea trivia quiz is going to as easy as a walk in Holland Park with an expensive coffee.

But even the MIC faithful can admit, the series is a bit dead. It’s getting more and more staged and forced with each series, the cast aren’t even from Chelsea anymore and the more new faces are just a bit…boring. However, this doesn’t stop it being TV gold sometimes. It’s our tragic little show with some of the wildest arguments and storylines, and Maeva could carry the series with her one liners alone.

So, how well do you actually still know the show? Do you know your Ingas from your Tiffs? Your Habbs and Jamie from your Emily and Harvey? Only someone who still watches and loves Made in Chelsea after all these years will get anywhere near full marks in the quiz below. It’s time to step up to the challenge.

Take this Made in Chelsea trivia quiz to test your knowledge of the current show and cast:

Made in Chelsea continues on Mondays on E4 at 9pm. Episodes can be watched on catch up here

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