Tiger King 2 is out and savage reviews say it’s ‘trashy’, ‘icky’, ‘bonkers’ and ‘farcical’

‘The most distressing takeaway is that we’re almost certainly going to have to sit through a Tiger King 3’

To most of us, Tiger King feels like a fever dream. It was a wild ride during the pandemic that whilst we enjoyed it at the time, should probably stay in 2020 alongside all the other crazy and weird stuff that happened that year. But, that didn’t stop us all getting at least a little bit excited when Netflix announced it would be revisiting the big cat world for a second season. And now, Tiger King 2 is here and the reviews of it are…savage.

Naturally, the show would find it difficult to live up to the first time around. The novelty of the story is gone, and what more can they possibly tell us that will shock us? Plus, the glaringly obvious problem here is that the Tiger King himself, Joe Exotic, is currently behind bars for plotting to kill Carole Baskin – among other things.

The reviews of the new episodes go IN and definitely don’t hold back. But, having said that, some do say that the new season is just as wild, even maybe a little more (yes, really!) than the first. Here’s what Tiger King 2 covers and what the early reviews of the new episodes are saying.

Tiger King season two is on Netflix and here's what the savage reviews are saying

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Tiger King 2 promises wild new revelations in the story of Joe Exotic

Tiger King 2 has promised a revisit to the crazy big cat world, and the characters who have now become cult celebrities. There are new revelations in the case, as well as a deep dive into the “Free Joe Exotic” movement and a more in-depth look into the disappearance of Don Lewis, Carole Baskin’s missing ex-husband.

A Netflix synopsis reads: “The colourful saga of America’s most notorious big cat owners continues. Sudden fame and unwanted attention from the authorities turns up the heat and unearths some stunning revelations.”

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Reviews of Tiger King 2 call the new episodes ‘a mess’ and ‘shameless’ but others say it’s ‘simply wild’ and ‘will blow your mind’

Most of the reviews of Tiger King 2 are pretty scathing, and basically say the new season is terrible in comparison to the wild ride the first was. The Telegraph gives Tiger King 2 a single star out of five, saying it’s “a tawdry, pointless sequel to a series we’d already grown sick of”. The review adds that Joe Exotic opening the new season with “welcome to my world of bullshit” couldn’t have summarised it any better.

“If he [Joe Exotic] is hoping that Tiger King 2 will bring people closer to the truth, he is sorely mistaken”, the review reads. “It is an unholy Jenga tower of claim, counterclaim, baseless accusations, changed stories and outright lies. The final episode features what should be a shocking ‘reveal’ by one protagonist, but you are so weary by the time you get there, you wouldn’t trust them if they told you the sky was blue.” It concludes that the new season is “a mess”. Yikes.

Tiger King season two is on Netflix and here's what the savage reviews are saying

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The Times quite simply says Tiger King 2 is “unpleasant, trashy people saying unpleasant, trashy things” and gives the show two stars. “The obvious problem with a sequel to Tiger King, the Netflix cult series about big cat obsessive Joe Exotic, is that its outrageous, splashy star is now serving 22 years in jail,” it reads.

The Independent only gives the series one star too, and says it’s “icky” and like a “didn’t we do well lap of honour for Netflix”. Yahoo News adds that the new episodes are “farcical and flimsy”, saying: “The whole thing ends on a cliff-hanger about Exotic’s supposed crime and the people involved, which hints that season three could be on the cards. Hopefully, it isn’t; Tiger King has well and truly lost its bite.”

iNews says the new episodes are “purposeless and shameless” saying “perhaps the most distressing takeaway is that we’re almost certainly going to have to sit through a Tiger King 3”. The review says the new season “makes for a frustrating, confusing and exhausting watch”

However, not all the reviews are bad. Some are saying the new episodes have maintained their level of madness from the first time around. Meaww says it’s “another bonkers addition with an insane twist in the tale”. The review goes on to say “the series becomes a crazy ride once again” adding “the last two episodes of the series are absolutely brilliant” and “the ending of the series is literally something that will blow your mind.”

RadioTimes gives the new season three stars, saying “the new revelations it explores are simply wild”. It says that some of the information is a recap of before, but “whenever new information does come to light, it’s explosive”. The ending is said to be “one of the biggest twists in the whole Tiger King story so far” and sets up a third season. The review concludes saying Tiger King 2 is “definitely worth watching if you’re a true crime fanatic who is still fascinated by the chaotic world of Joe Exotic and his big cat kingdom.”

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