'that's not my son' TikTok trend

13 times the ‘that’s not my son’ TikTok trend will make you weep for what we’ve lost


RS (AKA Roll Safe) is going viral on British TikTok with his fake Fire In The Booth freestyle from the mockumentary #HoodDocumentary, and the trend it’s put with is the most I’ve laughed on TikTok in ages. But through the laughter echoes a real pain, because this trend is really making everyone realise how much iconic and timeless stuff in British culture has been changed by companies to absolutely WORSE versions of what we know and love. Everyone on TikTok has been using the “that’s not my son” trend to mourn the iconic stuff we’ve lost, and this roundup will have you laughing and sobbing over our fallen soldiers.

1. Let’s stop pretending I’m A Celeb is good in a shit Wales castle please

@stephmcateer I miss Australia 🦘#foryou ♬ original sound – teqfla

2. The recipe has changed for the worst, end of

@killkyranIt’s just not the same 😢♬ original sound – teqfla

3. I would do anything for a pushup Smarties ice cream you don’t understand

@ethannwwilliamssBring them back bring them back♬ original sound – teqfla

4. Another evil recipe change I see

@louisthomas.26Not the same 😔♬ original sound – teqfla

5. Maccies paper straws are the worst in the game

@caitlinnmadden #fyp ♬ original sound – teqfla


@edendaryyl Excuse me who did this to her #angelinaballerina #fyp ♬ original sound – teqfla

7. This is the important content the ‘that’s not my son’ TikTok trend was made for

@mayonnaiseonpizza @McDonald’s UK ♬ original sound – teqfla

8. Why does the bubbled shape version hit so weak

@huspainintheass america has committed a lot of crimes but ruining cadbury’s dairy milk is up there in the top 5 #britishhumour #britain #cadburys #america #TKMaxxTalentShow #JDSTREET ♬ original sound – teqfla

9. The BBC have so much to answer for

@alishiaslife Not my cbbc hahaha #JDSTREET #TKMaxxTalentShow ♬ original sound – teqfla

10. RIP Krushers

@itzmeyadog Bring them back #fyp #krushers #kfc ♬ original sound – teqfla

11. Something about that choccy icing

@poppypeglerwhere did they go 😐♬ original sound – teqfla


@melodysnook This was the worst thing to happen to children’s tv 😭 #bobthebuilder ♬ original sound – teqfla

13. Literally don’t even remember bubblegum McFlurrys existing but now I want one

@j4me4 Mums they went to hard #fyp #foryou ♬ original sound – teqfla

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