Vote: Let’s settle it, who is actually the worst killer out of Love and Joe on YOU?

The question that has divided us all

Season three of YOU on Netflix has been a Love Quinn moment. She’s gone off the rails, and for the most of it, we’re here for it. It’s a little iconic, obvious murdering issues aside. But now we are a world in divide, because none of us actually know who is the worst murderer out of our favourite Quinn-Goldberg duo. So now it’s time to vote and settle the debate once and for all – is Joe the most horrendous or is it Love?

There are solid arguments for them both. Joe Goldberg has killed more people overall, and he’s the original serial killer we were introduced to. However, Love’s killing seems to come with much more of an air of chaos, and she never thinks anything through – if someone crosses her that’s it – they’re dead. People say that Joe is more calculated and only kills people who deserve it, but does that make it any…better? We really do give this man more credit than he deserves. Joe kills for love, Love kills to protect – pretty much, in their own twisted little minds anyway.

Vote for who is the worst killer out of Love Quinn and Joe Goldberg in YOU on Netflix

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In the three seasons we’ve seen Joe poison people and let them rot, put a man through a mincer, push people off buildings and kill those he’s meant to love like it doesn’t matter. Love has brutally gone at people with glass bottles, seen no other answer but to take out her competition with an axe and she’s a big fan of bonking people over the head.

So, this most recent season has given us a real divide – those who back Love and those who will forever think Joe isn’t actually that much of a bad guy. So this is your one and only chance to air your opinion where it matters.

Cast your vote here for who the worst murderer actually is, Joe or Love:

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