An ode to Love Quinn: The fashion icon who broke her back carrying the third season of YOU

Love Quinn understood the assignment every damn time

When we first met Love Quinn in season two of YOU, we watched her through Joe’s eyes. Joe quickly became obsessed and fell hard in love with her – little did we know we’d fall just as hard for her in season three. Not having to watch Love through Joe’s perspective in the third season was great, and to be honest, I was left rooting for Love. I really wanted her to win and outsmart Joe.

From her impeccable fashion to her impulsive personality, I love everything about Love. Not to mention she is the fittest Netflix character of all time and I will die on this hill. Here’s every single reason why Love Quinn deserved more this season:

Love Quinn literally said screw anti-vaxxers

Love Quinn YOU, Netflix


Love was on a chaotic killing spree this season. From being the first one to kill by murdering Natalie, to brutally attacking her anti-vax neighbour. We saw Love as a mother willing to do anything in order to protect her child. She’s a certified bad bitch and given the current climate, her stance on people who don’t believe in vaccines is highly welcome.

Her fashion sense is unreal

I would die for Victoria Pedretti. But I’d die twice as hard for Love Quinn. Correction, Love Quinn’s wardrobe. Love is a killer in every sense, both people and fashion. I am OBSESSED with her.

Whether you want to admit it or not, Love and Joe are perfect for each other

Love Quinn YOU, Netflix

Yeah sure, they’re both serial killers and deeply flawed humans but all they want is to feel unconditional love. We can all sympathise with Love – she’s messy, chaotic and just wants to be LOVED.

She’s the newest internet girl crush

Love Quinn YOU, Netflix

Everyone was sleeping on Love in season two of YOU. So it’s about time she got the attention she deserved for being insanely fit. Can we all just take a moment of silence to appreciate Love Quinn. How dare Joe Goldberg even look at another woman when he is married to Love Quinn. 

She knows she’s not perfect, that’s why we love her

Love never tried to hide who she is – she is aware of how ugly she can be at times. Unlike Joe Goldberg who just straight up REFUSES to acknowledge he is evil. Love’s response to everything traumatic that happened in her life is what sets her apart from Joe, she’s mature and handles everything perfectly. (Yes, I am aware she has killed several people).

She’s a bad bitch and had Madre Linda in a chokehold

Being impulsive is a big part of Love’s personality. Her ability to change quickly made the entirety of Madre Linda shit themselves over how iconic she is. J’adore how much of a bad bitch Love Quinn is.

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