Midnight Mass ending explained

Midnight Mass ending explained: Who is still alive and is that goddamn angel dead or not?

The final episode was cursed, catholic and chaotic as hell

We all started Midnight Mass thinking it was about a guy called Riley Flynn who returns home to a creepy island after getting arrested for drunk driving on the mainland. Little do we know the story that is about to unfold is way more cursed, catholic and chaotic than that. The ending of Midnight Mass is confusing as hell, so here it is explained.

But first, a small rundown of what happened. So Riley returns home at the same time as Father Paul’s first appearance. Several miracles happen after Father Paul settles in and things quickly become very dark and sinister.

Here’s the ending of Midnight Mass explained:

So the island’s residents genuinely thought Father Paul was a decent guy because of all the miracles he performed. But then they eventually clocked that he was pouring angel blood into the wine they drank at Mass.

Unfortunately, before they could do anything about it they were well on their way to becoming vampires. This explains those wild miracles like that one old woman aging backwards and Leeza learning to walk again after being in a wheelchair most of her life. It was batshit crazy stuff.

In the final episode of the mini-series, episode seven Book VII: Revelation, we watched Erin Greene slash the angel’s wings to prevent it from being able to fly toward the mainland. Then Erin dies and there’s nowhere left for the vampires to hide because every building on the island has been burnt down. And we all know sunlight plus a vampire equals burning alive, so they’re all pretty distressed.

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As dawn gets closer and closer, the vampire islands accept their fate and get ready to die. They sing hymns and wait together for the sun to kill them. We then see Bev trying to dig a hole for herself to hide in but she burns with the rest of the vampires.

Midnight Mass ending explained, Netflix

Vampire Bev, via Netflix

The two remaining survivors, who aren’t vampires, Leeza and Warren take a boat out to avoid getting caught in any vampire burning. Leeza, who was previously bound to a wheelchair before Father Paul’s so-called miracle allowed her to walk. Then she says in the final few minutes, “I can’t feel my legs”.

A lot of fans saw Leeza’s comment as a symbol showing the angel had died. But the creator of the show, Mike Flanagan, has since said the angel might not be dead. Mike said: “We’re not saying he died. Our hope really was to say that Leeza’s concentration on her blood had begun to top back, that she was going to be okay. We didn’t want to confirm about the angel in that way that you can never kill fanaticism, it’ll always kind of come back.” Uh, Mike, we don’t want the scary angel back thanks.

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