Quiz: Which Sex Education adult are you spiritually aligned with?

Look, we can’t all be Jean

We’re all rightfully obsessed with all of Sex Education’s iconic characters – everyone loves Ruby, Eric and Aimee. But what no one talks about is the iconic adult characters the show is full of. Obviously everyone is in love with Jean Milburn, but Colin is a comedy genius and the teacher we all wished for. Imagine getting on the coach for a school trip and hearing “let’s go to France motherfuckers!” Sublime.

Jean’s bestie Maureen is the ultimate hun who definitely owns about 1,000 candles and would always look after you. Emily Sands is the biggest cheerleader whom everyone needs in their lives, Mr Groff can be harsh but absolutely loves organising a dinner party, and Jakob is intense but very loyal.

So which Sex Education adult character are you, really? Take this quiz to find out – and sorry in advance if you get Hope, there’s literally nothing positive I can say about you.

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