No one over the age of 24 can score 10/10 in this Nicki Minaj lyrics quiz

I felt it when Nicki said ‘It’s bigger than a tower, I ain’t talking about Eiffel’s’

Nicki Minaj has been knocking around for ages and during her time she’s birthed some certified bangers. She’s come under fire recently for suggesting her cousin knew someone who had swollen balls after getting jabbed (I wish this was a joke). But her fans are still choosing to protect her at all costs, which is kind of understandable because her discography is insanely good.

Naturally, we all know the lyrics to Starships and Super Bass. But I’d bet my entire existence on the fact no one over the age of 24 will successfully be able to sing the words to Chun-Li, or, remember how Nicki’s verse in Monster starts. Feel like you can prove otherwise? Take our quiz below and put your Nicki Minaj lyrics knowledge to the test:

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