TikTok spots a huge error in YOU season three teaser and now there are so many theories

Wait, how did we not notice this?!

Someone on TikTok has spotted a huge continuity error in the new YOU season three teaser. And now, given how obsessed we all are with the show, I’m quite shocked nobody seemed to notice this sooner.

By now, you’ll have seen the new date announcement teaser video and preview pictures for season three of YOU (coming next month, btw). One of the big shocks from the end of season two was that Love was expecting Joe and her’s first child together, and the new clips and pictures shared the news that they had welcomed a baby boy, called Henry.

Viewer on TikTok spots continuity error in new teaser trailer for YOU season three on Netflix

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Now, you might think the main issue here is that poor little Henry has a serial killer, stalker psychopath for a father and a mother who also killed someone and is just a loose canon in general. But alas there is more – as one TikToker has pointed out – at the end of season two we were told the couple was expecting a baby girl. Wait, what?!

The clip shows the end of the final episode of season two, where we were shown that Love and Joe have moved to the suburbs to start a family. Joe, in his signature creepy narration, can be heard saying: ““I’m ready to meet my daughter. I’m ready to be the good father I never had. To make the family I always dreamed of. The one she deserves.”

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But, we know YOU. Everything happens for a reason. The show is filled with Easter eggs and subtle nods to other things that have happened, so was this done on purpose? Is there a theory behind this? Does Joe actually have another daughter somewhere? The comments in the TikToks are also going wild for theories. One says: “Okay but she’s already crazy right they both are, so what if the baby girl doesn’t make it so she snaps and kidnaps a baby from the hospital but it’s a boy? 👀” Another speculates that Love may have lost the baby girl and kidnapped another child afterwards.

The new teaser does say “a boy wasn’t what we were expecting” which is another huge hint that something fishy has gone on here. I’m losing my mind. You could run away with all the possibilities and now tbh, I just need the new season or I won’t sleep at night.

Watch the teaser trailer for YOU season three here:

Season three of YOU will be available on Netflix from October 15th. Seasons one and two are available now. For all the latest Netflix news, drops and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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