These 27 memes about Clickbait are so good they deserve five million views too

At this point, did I kill Nick Brewer????

Clickbait is the latest Netflix thriller that has got everyone talking. Mainly because it’s a bit batshit crazy, and is full of unpredictable turns and revelations that all lead up to the biggest plot twist ending you could have imagined. So naturally, the memes about Clickbait are pretty wild.

The show is about a family man called Nick Brewer, who one day goes missing and then a video is posted of him online, showing him bloodied up and holding a sign saying he abuses women. The video goes on to say that if it gets five million views, Nick will die. And that’s actually the most normal part of the show. By the end you’ll have suspected every single character, and questioned everything else that’s happened.

Did I kill Nick Brewer? Am I in love with the detective? Why is Pia’s hair the way it is? These are all questions we’ve all had, and that’s without even getting onto the ending – I’m still not even ready to begin to come to terms with that to be honest. Here are the best memes and reactions to Clickbait on Netflix so far.

1. Honestly, give these guys some recognition


3. They all did it!

4. When I say I was shook

5. You had me there I have to say

6. Looool this is too accurate

7. You are getting NO information from me!

8. End of

9. At this point I’ve accused them all

10. I just want to know HOW?!

11. Brb x

12. PREACH!!

13. I was distracted by him MANY times

14. I am a detective now x

15. Truth



18. I can’t look past it, I’m sorry

19. Why did she watch it so much?!

20. There are so many other things you could do, please

21. I am a fool x

22. Ok this can’t go unnoticed

23. Welp

24. She would have tracked Nick down before five million views, no doubt

25. Justice for Nick !!!

26. I still just don’t believe it

27. Art x

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