According to Tatler these are the 53 things you can and can’t be snobby about

Shockingly Tatler doesn’t hate Crocs

Society magazine Tatler is back again with another posh and pretentious guide to behaviour and this time they’re suggesting what you can and cannot be snobby about. Despite usually turning their noses up about everything Tatler has loosened the reins and are now accepting of Love Island, Pizza Express and screwtop wines.

According to Tatler being a snob was not acceptable during the pandemic but now that things are getting back to normal they’ve decided it’s appropriate to give us all a lesson in propriety. Their list of 38 things you shouldn’t be snobby about shows just how relaxed the upper class has become during the pandemic – they’re even happy for people to have dirty cars and wear Crocs. The list also shows just how irritated they were by normal things before the pandemic like pillows, Gogglebox and not wearing makeup. Imagine judging someone for liking Gogglebox? Wild.

However not everything has changed as the magazine has still released a list of things you’re allowed to be snobby about which includes prosecco, indoor plants, self-help books and influencers. So you can judge influencers but not Love Island? How does that work? That’s where most of them come from.

This is everything you cannot be snobby about according to Tatler:

1. Digital invitations, such as Paperless Post

2. Rescue dogs

3. Supermarket flowers

4. Football

5. Crocs

6. Screwtop wine

7. Not knowing how to drive

8. Draughty drawing rooms

9. Talking about money

10. “Toilet”

11. Women’s shoes

12. The food at Hurlingham

13. Harry and Meghan

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14. Which Covid vaccine you got

15. Pillows

16. White wine/red wine with fish/meat

17. Parmesan on seafood pasta

18. Shop-bought baby food

19. Ridiculous dietary requirements

20. News subscriptions

21. Botox

22. Cappuccinos after midday

23. Doggy bags

24. Gogglebox

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25. Love Island

26. Selling Sunset

27. Heiresses

28. NFTs

29. Badly behaved children

30. Hampstead Heath Ladies’ Pond

31. Astrology and manifesting

32. Small cars

33. Dirty cars

34. Open marriages

35. Outdoor heaters

36. Pizza Express

37. BYOB at parties

38. Not wearing make-up

Not everything has changed, you apparently still have to be snobby about these things:

1. Weddings that feature hay bales, rented dresses or bare feet

2. Self-help books

3. Displaying Christmas cards from royals

4. Being asked to take off your shoes when entering someone’s house

5. Chipped nail polish

6. Men’s shoes – particularly brown ones

7. Men in necklaces/Birkenstocks/red trousers/gilets

8. Prosecco

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9. People not bringing their own bags to the supermarket

10. Disposable masks at smart occasions

11. Indoor plants

12. Fake-flower decor

13. Gold leaf on food

14. Influencers

15. Filled lips

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