These are the 15 most eligible students studying at uni right now, according to Tatler

Obvs most of them go to Bristol

Tatler has released their 100 most eligible bachelorettes ranking and among the celebs, royals and socialites are people just like us – students. Except they’re actually nothing like us, they’re richer, fitter and give off far cooler vibes than you ever could dream of.

Amongst the 15 students in Tatler’s list are models, celebs’ kids and members of the aristocracy, who as well as having an incredibly good social life also go to uni. Unsurprisingly they nearly all go to Oxford, Bristol, Exeter or some form of arts uni. They’re studying things like English, Latin and History of Art, because who needs a real degree when you’ve got millions in the bank?

Jokes aside, most of these girls seem like people you’d want to be mates with and seem far more down to earth than their famous parents. These are the 15 most eligible students studying at uni right now:

Esme Bertelsen


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We all saw this coming tho didn’t we

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Subject: Art and Graphic Design

Esme Bertelsen is the daughter of the iconic Susannah Constantine from Trinny and Susannah. She’s currently studying Art and Graphic Design and her Instagram is full of her very cool artwork, including trousers she’s painted.

Esme has two siblings and thanks to being the daughter of a celeb she looks like she’s living the dream life in her mum’s Sussex house and she’s met Kit Harrington. Not jealous at all.

Lady Eleanor Campbell

Uni: Central Saint Martins

Subject: Something arty or fashiony

Lady Eleanor Campbell is the younger sister of model Lady Jane Campbell. She’s 20 years old and mates with Adwoa Aboah. Eleanor is currently at Central Saint Martins, so you can be sure she’s studying something fashiony, especially as her mum is a former Vogue editor.

Carla Henderson

Uni: Bristol

According to Tatler 20-year-old Carla Henderson loves spending her time in St Tropez and Ibiza. But when she does have to be in London, she’ll be partying at Tape. Tough life for a Bristol student.

Martha Weatherall


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I seem to have a recurring habit

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Uni: Leeds Art Uni

Subject: Fine Art

Martha is 20 years old and exactly as vibey as you’d expect a Leeds art student to be. Her Instagram is full of fun night out pics and photos not taking herself too seriously, she just looks like you’d want to be mates with her.

Cecily Lasnet

Uni: Oxford

Subject: English

Of course at least one of the students on Tatler’s list goes to Oxford, Cecily is currently studying English.

Cecily is the daughter of model Stella Tennant and a few years ago was a debutant at Le Bal in Paris. Naturally she was dressed in Chanel.

Grace Murdoch


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So proud of Grace for completing 13 years at Brearley !! Congratulations I love you so much❤️🎓🌟

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Uni: Yale

Grace is the daughter of Rupert Murdoch and Wendi Deng. Her Instagram is private but thanks to Tatler we know she splits her time between New York and the UK, where she went to boarding school.

She’s 19 years old and studying at Yale.

Lady Eloise Gordon-Lennox

Uni: Durham

Subject: Social Sciences

Eloise is 20 years old and the daughter of the Duke of Richmond. She’s currently at Durham in her second year studying social sciences.

She has a miniature dachshund called Winston and likes to jump out of planes in New Zealand.

Sapphire Graham

Uni: Oxford

Subject: Classical Archaeology and Ancient History

Sapphire is a major horsey girl and even has an Instagram account dedicated to herself and her horses Barney and Jack. She’s 20 years old and currently studying at Oxford.

Isabella Massenet


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Hello, it’s me. Quarantine teenage dream

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Isabella Massenent is the daughter of Natalie Massenent, the woman who founded Net-a-Porter. Unsurprisingly Isabella is pretty involved in the fashion world, she’s a model and already appeared on the cover of Wonderland magazine.

She currently is studying in California and loves Fleabag and re-enacting concerts with her mum, which is kinda cool.

Allegra Harris

Uni: Georgetown

Subject: Latin Language and literature

Allegra Harris is 19 years old and has the nickname Apple. She began studying at Georgetown in Washington DC this year and is mates with Isabella Massenet.

Isobel Townshend

Uni: Bristol

Subject: English and Theatre

Isobel is a second year Bristol student, studying English and Theatre. Despite only being 19 years old she’s already worked on productions at The National Theatre and the Almeida.

Her godfather is the actor Mark Strong and her father is a Lord. Pretty boujie.

Emilia Boateng


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brown skin girl

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Uni: Goldsmiths

Subject: History of Art

Emilia is the daughter of fashion designer Ozwald Boateng and so it makes complete sense Emilia is also model as well as a Goldsmiths student.

Her Instagram is a complete vibe with photos from holidays and loads of outfit pics. She’s also been featured in British Vogue.

Rose Weatherby

Uni: Newcastle

Rose is a 20-year-old Newcastle student who is apparently an adrenaline junkie, spending her time doing laps of a race track or taking part in the Cottesmore hunt.

Willa Mackintosh


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does willa like younger men?

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Uni: Bristol

Subject: Law

Willa is 21 years old and currently studying law at Bristol and according to Tatler has a “wicked sense of humour”. She also has some very impressive eyebrows.

Lily Sebag Montefiore

Uni: Exeter

The final eligible student studying at uni right now is 18-year-old Lily who is at Exeter. Lily is the daughter of writers Santa Montefiore and Simon Sebag Montefiore, who are friends with Prince Charles and Lily’s mum Santa, also went to Exeter.

Lily apparently loves to ski and splits her time between London and Exeter.

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