All the Love Island moments you forgot about that actually made this series pretty iconic

Still thinking about Rachel going head first into the fence

As Love Island comes to a close it’s time to look back and reflect on the moments that made the show. There’s the big obvious ones like Faye’s meltdown, Lillie’s revelation about Casa Amor and of course Hugo’s speech around the fire pit about Toby.

However the show has been on for seven weeks now so there’s going to be plenty of moments you’ve forgotten about that were actually truly iconic for being hilarious or dramatic.

Remember in week one when we were all shook to the core that Shannon was sent home? Or what about Rachel going head first into the fence during the Line of Booty challenge? True TV gold.

These are all the Love Island moments you forgot about which actually made the series iconic:

Sharon saying she wouldn’t date a man with white jeans

The first episode of Love Island this year didn’t give us a lot but it did give us an iconic one liner from Sharon.

When she was asked by Laura what her turn offs were she said simply: “white jeans and an ego”. Same girl, same.

Jake recording Toby sucking Kaz’s toes

We should have known from the first day when Jake recorded Toby sucking Kaz’s toes that he was a wrong un.

The excitement on his face as he whipped his phone out to save the video of Toby and Kaz should have told us everything we needed to know and yet he lasted practically to the end. Shame on us.

When we thought Shannon was gonna be in Casa Amor

This feels like a lifetime ago, which just shows how much has changed in this series of Love Island.

When Shannon was dramatically dumped from the Island two days into the show we all thought it was the most dramatic thing we’d  seen since Storm Anna. And for some reason no one could believe a girl as fit as Shannon couldn’t be brought back and we collectively agreed she would be going into Casa Amor.

By the time Casa Amor actually came around no one could even remember her name.

Brad kissing Chloe

Up until this moment the series was seriously lacking in drama. So whilst Brad kissing Chloe as the Islander he fancied most and Faye as the Islander he fancied least was incredibly unkind, it injected some very much needed drama to the show.

Rachel’s walk

No one will have a more memorable entrance into the villa as Rachel thanks to her bizarre walk. Yes it’s been lockdown, no one has worn in heels in ages but c’mon Rachel you could have practiced a bit.

When no one picked Hugo in the challenge

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Hugo really didn’t have much luck in the villa and nothing emphasised that more when he wasn’t picked by any of the girls in the Line of Booty challenge.

He had to sit back and watch the boys one by one be picked by the girls as they kissed them and locked them in jail. And he knew exactly how tragic it was when he said “not humiliating at all” at the end of the challenge. Savage.

Rachel going head first into the fence

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The Line of Booty challenge really gave us so much and how could we forget when Rachel went head first into the fence when she slid off the slide. Truly iconic.

AJ’s eyes on the prize entrance

There are some bombshell entrances that will go down in the history books and AJ’s is certainly one – but mainly for how cringe her opening line “eyes on the prize” was.

Toby reacting to losing sports day

During our collective phase of hating Toby the sports day moment really fuelled our anger. How dare he be annoyed he lost sports day?

On reflection it was a perfectly natural reaction and provided some top tier memes. Toby we truly didn’t give you enough credit in the beginning.

When Lucinda swerved Aaron

The awkwardness of Lucinda swerving Aaron when he went for a kiss on the bean bags lives rent free in my mind.

It was so ballsy of Aaron to go for it and yet so embarrassing when Lucinda full on fell back onto the bean bag just to avoid him.

Liam mimicking Lucinda’s ‘really’

I’d like to thank Liam for doing what we were all thinking when he took the piss out of Lucinda’s constant annoying voice, especially when she said “really”.

After finding out Aaron fancied her, Lucinda said her signature “really” and Liam took the absolute piss out of her when he copied her voice exactly.

Georgia’s Wetherspoons inspired bikini

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Bless Georgia, she was in the villa for less than 48 hours – got pied by Hugo, dumped from the Island and most importantly wore a hideous Wetherspoons’ plate inspired bikini.

When Mary got super annoyed at Abi picking Dale

Mary literally acted as if she and Dale were married with three kids when Abi chose Dale at the recoupling.

After Abi chose Dale, Mary’s face was thunderous and she really tried to do a speech like Jonny in season three. But sadly she didn’t have the sass or real emotions to back it up, so it was just awkward. And we all saw how long Dale and Mary lasted.

Matthew breaking up with Kaz

A man of few words but Matthew sure made them count when he ended things with Kaz in perhaps one of the most savage breakups to ever be seen on Love Island.

Who would think the words “we’re done” could create such a TV gold moment?

The carrot dish Aaron made Mary and she said it was the best thing

Mary really needs to up her standards if she thinks the carrot and houmous dish Aaron made for her was the most romantic thing anyone ever did for her. It’s practically no better than a meal deal on a Tuesday lunch.

What truly made this moment was Millie’s unfiltered shock when Mary said it was the sweetest thing and she proceeded to say: “surely not”.

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