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Megan Barton-Hanson: The OnlyFans rule change ‘doesn’t make sense’

‘This reinforces the toxic notion that sex work is something to be ashamed of,’ Megan told The Tab

Megan Barton-Hanson has condemned OnlyFans’ decision to ban sexually explicit content, telling The Tab it makes “no sense” and “reinforces the toxic notion that sex work is something to be ashamed of.”

Yesterday OnlyFans announced it would be banning sexually explicit photos and videos from 1st October after facing pressure from its banking partners, but nude content will still be allowed as long as it is consistent with OnlyFans’ policies.

Megan is one of many who use the site as a way to share sexually explicit content to create an income. She told The Tab it was a shame OnlyFans made the decision as it seemed to play into the idea sex work is something to be ashamed of.

Megan said: “It is a shame that the site, that previously championed allowing people to do what they want with their bodies, is now implementing a rule as a response to pressure from banking partners and payment providers.

“From my understanding, the rule is that sexually explicit videos are to be prohibited, but nude photos and videos are still allowed. This reinforces the toxic notion that sex work is something to be ashamed of.”

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Megan said the change to the site’s rules makes no sense as sexually explicit content tends to make the most money. Megan has previously spoken out about the £800,000 a month she can earn from OnlyFans which has enabled her to buy her dream house.

She condemned OnlyFans’ decision as she argues the site will survive the financial loss, but the content creators may not.

Megan said: “The sexually explicit content on the site also tends to earn the most amount of money, so there will be less money for everyone involved (creators, OnlyFans, and the banks!) It doesn’t make sense. The difference is, OnlyFans and the banks will survive through these changes, but the content creators may not.

“They will have to start all over again, building their fanbase and network on another platform. For a lot of creators, this is their primary source of income, and this change will no doubt will affect their lives.”

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Megan told The Tab for the time being she will continue posting on OnlyFans but is seriously considering moving her content to Vue Pay or even creating her own site.

She said: “I am seriously considering getting on Vue Pay or even starting my own site. I would love to create a safe space for sex workers.”

Season 2 of Megan’s hit podcast, You Come First, will be out in Autumn 2021. Listen to the first season wherever you get your podcasts. 

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