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MiC’s Proudlock apologises after using a Holocaust reference in his Instagram story

‘I am so truly sorry and mortified by my actions’

Made in Chelsea’s Proudlock has apologised for his use of a Holocaust reference in his recent Instagram story after being called out by followers.

Proudlock posted a photo of himself in a pair of striped trousers on his Instagram story and captioned it “boy in tha striped pyjamas”.

He was quickly called out by people on Twitter for including a reference that is directly associated with the book and movie of the same name which tells the story of a Nazi concentration camp. The title of the book “The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas” comes from the clothes Jewish prisoners in Auschwitz were forced to wear.

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This morning Proudlock apologised for his phrasing and said he was incredibly ignorant and has let many people down.

Writing on Instagram he said: “I have a massive apology to make regarding a caption in one of my stories yesterday. I have hurt a lot of people with my badly chosen words and I am so, so sorry. It was incredibly ignorant.

“I always want to set a good example on social media – to spread love, equality and positivity and yesterday I really let myself, and all of you down. I am so truly sorry and mortified by my actions.”

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Last night Proudlock’s picture was circulating on Twitter after being shared by Business Insider reporter Joshua Zitser.

Many people responded to the photo with one person calling it “The biggest yikes I’ve seen in a while” and others commenting on the fact Proudlock went to Eton.

Proudlock is currently on holiday in Corfu with his wife Emma Louise Connolly. He is one of the top Made in Chelsea cast members who can make the most money from their Instagram account.

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