Don’t be silly Bridget, get full marks on this Bridget Jones’s Diary trivia quiz

Mark Darcy would defo get 10/10

Bridget Jones is a part of us all, and Bridget Jones’s Diary is easily the best film of the noughties. There are just SO many iconic moments, from Bridget trying (and failing miserably) to cook for her mates, Mark Darcy’s reindeer Christmas jumper, Daniel Cleaver being a fit fuck boy, and of course Bridget wearing her huge beige pants.

But just how well do you actually remember the film? Like, what’s the iconic opening song? What’s Mark’s job, and how does Bridget actually know Daniel? And, most importantly, what colour does Bridget accidentally dye her soup? Put your knowledge of Bridget Jones’s Diary to the test and take this quiz now:

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