These are the top 10 unis with the worst accommodation, according to students

Is anyone surprised Cardiff made the list?

Uni accommodation is notoriously bad. They’re usually ugly blocks filled with identical soulless rooms with small beds, minimal storage and maybe an ensuite if you’re really lucky. And that’s just your own room. No shared uni kitchen has ever looked like some place you want to be. The sofa will be the least comfy thing you’ve ever sat on and the floor is rather reminiscent of your year eight classroom.

We all think our uni has the worst halls but now there’s actual data to confirm which uni really has the worst accommodation.

University Compare has ranked unis’ accommodation based on reviews from past and current students and given them a score out of 10. The uni with the best accommodation is said to be Loughborough with a score of 4.24 out of five. Other universities with good accommodation are Exeter, Royal Holloway and Imperial.

But let’s be honest we care most about who has the worst and ranking very low down on the list are Manchester, Glasgow and Cardiff.

These are the universities with the lowest scoring accommodation:

1. University of Manchester – 3.13

2. University of Glasgow – 3.32

3. The Robert Gordon University – 3.38

4. Glasgow Caledonian University – 3.39

5. University of Dundee – 3.50

6. Solent University – 3.51

7. Cardiff University – 3.53

8. University of Strathclyde – 3.53

9. St Mary’s University, Twickenham – 3.54

10. City of Glasgow College – 3.54

Show this to your parents next time they say halls aren’t so bad.

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