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These ‘what I wanted, what I got’ TikToks will make you want to never buy anything again

‘I’m literally CRYING over my nails right now because they’re SO UGLY’

How many times have you bought something, only for it to arrive looking completely different to how you expected? Or gone for a haircut, only to emerge from the hairdressers an hour later looking a hot mess and absolutely nothing like the photo you showed them of what you wanted? The TikTok “what I wanted, what I got” sound is here to document all of these unexpected mishaps – and if my FYP is anything to judge by, they happen to all of us literally all the time.

But where did the “what I wanted, what I got” TikTok sound actually come from? And just what are some of the all-time best videos people are sharing using the sound, which make us all feel better about the awful things we’ve mistakenly bought in the past?

Where does the ‘what I wanted, what I got’ TikTok sound actually come from?

The original person who created the sound posted this video below. In it she’s crying and says: “I’m literally crying over my nails right now cos they’re so ugly. Oh my god, okay.

“This is what I wanted, okay, the pastels.” She shows a Pinterest screenshot of some beaut rainbow pastel acrylics, with each nail painted a different colour.

Then she shows her actual nails which, uhhhh, definitely don’t look like the Pinterest ones and (still crying) says: “And this is what I got.”

@kneelyknightThis was the worst experience I’ve ever had. #nails #help #foryou #foryoupage♬ original sound – Madeline

This video was posted in May last year and since then the sound has been used almost 60,000 times. People use it to show everything from their haircuts, their dog’s haircuts, clothes, cakes, makeup, nails – basically anything they’ve ordered or paid for, which didn’t turn out as they’d expected it would.

Here are some of the best ‘what I wanted, what I got’ videos on TikTok:

@lexi16frosti think the groomer gave me the wrong dog #greenscreen #fyp #husky #wtf♬ original sound – Madeline

@kaitlinhealyCalled my mom balling the second I left and she had to call the nail salon #fyp #nails #ugly♬ original sound – Madeline

@emmybining✨self care Saturday✨ #fyp #viraltiktok #tiktoktrends #tiktoktraditions #foryoupage♬ original sound – Madeline

@itsnattybabyyyi’m not gonna name the place where he got his haircut from .. not happy with it 🥺 ##fyp ##badhaircut ##dogtiktok♬ original sound – Madeline

@charlee996#fyp #fail #foryou #viral #undercut #lockdown♬ original sound – Madeline

@kacierose4An equal mix of hilarious and disappointing 😅 #americansinitaly #lifeinitaly♬ original sound – Madeline

@maryellaedmondssnot mike wazowski #greenscreen #fyp #frogcake♬ original sound – Madeline

@livvydoge1. yes, they made me pay for this. 2. I will be doing my own hair from here on out. #fyp #prom #foryoupage #♬ original sound – Madeline

@janetp86Well…smh😭 ##greenscreen ##fail ##foryoupage♬ original sound – Madeline

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