that girl tiktok quiz

Quiz: She’s all over your TikTok, but what percentage ‘that girl’ are you?

If you’ve ever actually gone to a 9am, you’re that girl x

TikTok has given us SO many different songs, aesthetics and trends – but one of the biggest right now is the “that girl”. She’s the ultimate icon who has a strict bedtime so she can wake up early, gets to all her lectures on time, has a very impressive plant collection which she always remembers to actually water, and the skincare routine of your dreams.

She has a minimalist Scandi aesthetic, always makes her bed, and spent lockdown reading self-help books and focusing on really improving herself. After uni the TikTok that girl will be moving to London and starting on a dreamy grad scheme, which she’s already got all sorted, obvs.

TikTok that girls would include lawyer and ultimate feminist queen Elle Woods from Legally Blonde, and influencer Grace Beverley who has multiple businesses and a boujee house. But are you a that girl right along side these icons? If you want to know just how much of a TikTok that girl you are, this quiz will tell you once and for all.

Take this quiz to find out what percentage TikTok that girl you really are:

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