white nails tiktok

Here’s why girls are talking about white nails all over TikTok, and what it means

Turns out it’s more than just a nice colour for summer

First came the blue nails trend on TikTok, but now people all over the app are talking about painting them with white nail polish. Who knew nail colours could be so deep??

People are saying white nails can show your relationship status, with TikTok users saying they actually indicate you’re single – whilst light blue nails mean you’re in a relationship. TikTok’s suddenly feeling like those light Freshers’ Week traffic light parties, but with nails.

So what does it mean to have painted white nails, and why is it all over TikTok?

In a nutshell, white nails mean you’re single.

According to Urban Dictionary, white nails can mean you’re “ready to move on to have a fresh start”.

@helenaazvkc♬ original sound – Chips999

People on TikTok are sharing videos showing off their white nails, talking about being single or being confused about what it all means.

By contrast, blue nails means you’re in a relationship. The trend popped off a few months ago, with TikTok users saying light blue is the colour every single guy picks when you ask them what colour you should paint your nails.

white nails tiktok

Who even KNOWS any more???

Here’s what people on TikTok are saying about white nails:

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