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Quiz: How well do you remember She’s The Man?

But what kind of cheese does Viola like?

It’s been 15 years since She’s The Man first came out and I think we can all agree it is still Amanda Bynes’ best work to date. But how well do you remember the iconic film from our childhoods? It’s time to take our She’s The Man trivia quiz.

The film is inspired by a Shakespeare play and sees Amanda Bynes play the main role of Viola Hastings. Viola takes her brother’s place at his new school dressed as him, whilst he tours the world, so she can beat her ex-boyfriend in football. Viola ends up falling for her roommate Duke, who falls for a girl named Olivia, who is subsequently in love with Sebastian aka Viola. Shakespeare wishes his play was as good as the adaptation.

Aside from the obvious classic plot this film is iconic for its witty one liners and of course the regular appearance of Channing Tatum in the role of Duke Orsino. However do you remember it all? Do you know the names of all the characters? Or the date the film first came out? By answering 13 trivia questions you’ll be able to truly assess your She’s The Man fan status.

So how well do you remember the details of She’s The Man? Take our trivia quiz to find out:

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