Duke Orsino will only date you if you get 14/14 on this She’s The Man iconic quotes quiz

Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some are just Channing Tatum

She’s The Man turned 15 years old this year, shaping a whole generation of people who can never hear the word “ugly” without hearing Amanda Bynes’ voice.

The quotes were indisputably and undoubtedly some of the most iconic ones of the 2000s, and probably started an epidemic in which you started talking in Viola’s strange twangy American accent because you though it was really funny. (It still is by the way).

To commemorate its lasting impact, this quiz will tests you on your lifetime of She’s The Man knowledge. Without further ado, good luck to all the bros, G-men, brethren and dogs out there – get ready to finish all these She’s The Man quotes:

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