A personality quiz to find out which girl from Too Hot To Handle season two on Netflix you are

Quiz: Which girl from season two of Too Hot To Handle are you?

I aspire to have Melinda’s energy in life


It’s that time again, when Too Hot To Handle is on and suddenly we’re all wondering how on earth they can’t manage to stop losing the prize fund and imagining ourselves being the perfect angels in the villa retreat and bagging loads of cash. So, this quiz is about to tell you, if you were actually in the shoes of a girl from Too Hot To Handle season two, which one you are most likely to be.

In every friendship group there is a distinct messy bitch energy girl like Carly, or a head-strong, take-no-shit smart girl like Larissa. Everyone knows a wild child, chaotic queen like Emily or someone who demands attention and gets it, just like Melinda. Kayla is your typical nice girl, who lends you her lipgloss in the club bathrooms and Christina always has her eyes on the prize – and gets it.

However, you can only be truly and spiritually aligned to one of them. So now is your time to know the truth.

Find out here which girl from season two of Too Hot To Handle you actually are in the quiz below:

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