A body language expert reveals exactly who will stay loyal in Casa Amor

She says Jake is a ‘fibber’ and is the next Curtis Pritchard

Love Island 2021 has just seen the start of Casa Amor – which is the ultimate test for who is loyal and who is not. The couples have been broken up and joined by 12 new Islanders, it’s chaos waiting to happen and I’m part living for it, part very on edge and hating it.

The week in Casa Amor tests whether or not the couples really care for each other, or if their heads will be turned at the first chance. Sex and body language expert, Ruby Payne at UberKinky, has dished out her predictions on which Islanders will stay loyal, and which relationships will end in heartbreak. Just a pre warning: It’s looking like there’s a lot of heartbreak ahead.

Liberty and Jake

Love Island: A body language expert on which couples will be loyal in Casa Amor, Liberty and Jake

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Liberty and Jake are official, so you’d think that means they will stay away from any Casa Amor drama. I mean, Jake gave her a bracelet, what more can we want? But, will they stay loyal? Ruby seems to think Jake will be the next Curtis Pritchard.

“What I’ve seen from Jake is a smile that doesn’t quite reach the eyes, especially when Liberty is talking about her feelings towards him,” she said. “Last night’s show displayed major signs of envy towards the single boys, with clips of him sweating and fidgeting in the diary room. His excessive face touching and nervous laughter gives him away as majorly regretful of the official relationship title with Liberty. Whilst in Casa Amor, Jake may just about stay loyal to Liberty out of obligation, these tell-tale body language signs show him to be the biggest fibber and game player of the year. I predict a Curtis and Amy style break-up for these two somewhere down the line, even if it’s on the flight home.” Savage.

Millie and Liam

Love Island: A body language expert on which couples will be loyal in Casa Amor, Millie and Liam

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Millie and Liam are the nation’s sweethearts, and if anything happens to them I will need to take 3-5 working days off to come to terms with it. But, and thank god, Ruby isn’t predicting tears with this one. “A few of the new Islanders already have their eyes set on Liam with some major lip locking on Casa Amor’s first night, and for entertainment purposes, I am here for it,” she said.

Ruby added: “However, what we’ve seen from Liam is a lot of smiling, laughing and blushing around Millie, and the cutesy nicknames like ‘Millie Moo’. Whilst Liam hasn’t displayed any major signs of being anything other than genuine, is he in the classic Love Island position of ‘yes I’m happy, but could I be happier?’ Liam has got about as excited as a kid in Disneyland with all the new faces, but with constant references back to Millie, he seems to know what’s waiting at home. It’ll be a tricky one, but I do still have high hopes for this pair and see them staying afloat during the rocky waters of Casa Amor.

“I see Liam staying as loyal as Tommy Fury did, sleeping alone on the daybeds for the week and returning with only one form of extra baggage; Millie’s Sagittarius necklace.”

Faye and Teddy

Love Island: A body language expert on which couples will be loyal in Casa Amor, Faye and Teddy

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Our next fav couple is Faye and Teddy, who might have only been on one date, but they do seem to really care about one another and he’s definitely brought a different side out to Faye. But, there may be trouble ahead.

Ruby says: “Faye has spoken freely on her fears of opening up. She has stated she won’t fake any feelings with any guy she doesn’t feel a spark with, so I don’t see Faye’s head being turned after she’s finally opened up. Faye will remain loyal, but Teddy’s head will be turned and I predict some A+ drama for this event.

“Teddy’s overall demeanour around Faye has displayed telltale signs of a not-so-subtle departure to come. During his recoupling speeches around the fire pit I’ve noted some major eye darting and fidgeting. Usually when someone’s telling the truth, they will have an overall relaxed body language and be able to keep good eye contact. Unfortunately for Faye, I see Teddy as one of the least trustworthy boys.

“The post-Casa reunion on the fire pit is going to be an explosive one, and will go down in Love Island history along with Shaughna’s ‘congrats hun’ moment.” YIKES!!!

Kaz and Tyler

Love Island: A body language expert on which couples will be loyal in Casa Amor, Kaz and Tyler

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Kaz and Tyler might be fairly new, but Tyler has the eyes of the entire nation on him making sure he doesn’t break our girl Kaz’s heart. Ruby agreed that Kaz is one of the most popular Islanders and “has finally found Mr Right in 6’6 lawyer Tyler, weeks after being pied off by Toby and saved by friendship couples… Or so it seems.”

She added: “Tyler came into the villa with eyes for Kaz only and they quickly seem to be ‘couple goals’, but I’m a firm believer that when things seem too good to be true, they usually are. We’ve seen a lot from the boys complimenting Kaz’s ‘energy’ and ‘positivity’, whilst using words like ‘fit’ and ‘stunning’ for other Islanders. Unfortunately Tyler has given us much of the same narrative. But this isn’t what women searching for love want to hear, and it definitely isn’t the words used by a man that ‘proper fancies’ a woman. The nation is truly rooting for Kaz so Casa Amor will be a heartbreak for us all if things do backfire.”

Toby and Abi

Toby and Abi, Love Island

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Toby and Abi are chaotic to say the least, so I don’t think many of us are holding our breath for them being the most loyal in Casa Amor 2021. Toby can’t be trusted with any test he’s ever been presented with, and Abi is drama personified. Ruby says there is “no hope” in either of them returning without a new partner. “We’ve seen Toby jump ship from girl to girl at the slightest bit of attention, and Abi has a fiery spirit -what she wants, she will get,” Ruby said.

“A lot of the Love Island fans are hoping for Toby to get a taste of his own medicine by staying loyal to Abi just to be left standing at the fire pit alone, but personally I see Toby cracking on with another girl before his old sheets go cold.” Scathing, but very, very true.

Chloe and Hugo

Love Island: A body language expert on which couples will be loyal in Casa Amor, Hugo and Chloe

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And finally, it’s our resident dramatic friendship couple, Chloe and Hugo. Ruby said they will “be split this week”, adding: “As much as I respect the notion of a free holiday, news flash, Hugo, this is Love Island, not Friend Island!”

“Casa Amor is the moment Chloe’s been waiting for and she will most definitely be finishing the week with a new boo, while Hugo still struggles to find that ‘spark’.” They are the only Love Island 2021 couple to enter Casa Amor with absolutely no reason to be loyal, so we’ll let them have their fun.

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