One in three students say they’ve deleted the NHS Covid app

And nearly three quarters of students think Freedom Day has come too early

A third of students have deleted the NHS Covid app according to an Instagram survey that received 4,032 responses.

This comes after all coronavirus restrictions were dropped in England yesterday, seeing nightclubs re-opening and masks not being required in public indoor spaces.

The Tab asked readers several questions relating to how they’ll act after Freedom Day. Here’s what we found:

36 per cent of students have deleted the NHS Covid app

1,466 respondents told The Tab they have deleted the NHS Covid app, in comparison with 2,566 who said they haven’t.

As the economy has re-opened, cases of coronavirus have soared, resulting in the NHS’s contact tracing app calling on more and more people to self-isolate.

There is now growing concern that people are deleting the app to avoid having to self-isolate if they come into contact with coronavirus.

Some Conservative MPs have also reportedly deleted the NHS Covid app to avoid the prospect of self-isolating, so they can go on holiday.

73 per cent of students think Freedom Day has come to early

Yesterday was so-called “Freedom Day,” when the final coronavirus restrictions were dropped.

But with the coronavirus infection rate standing at around 40,000 new cases a day, Tab readers generally thought it was too early to drop the final remaining restrictions.

2,959 readers said Freedom Day has come too early while 1,101 disagreed.

60 per cent of students won’t be going to clubs now they have re-opened

Despite the removal of restrictions, it seems that many young people are feeling cautious when it comes to returning to nightclubs.

1,478 respondents to The Tab’s survey said they will be returning to clubs now they have re-opened, while 2,262 said they would not.

84 per cent of students will continue to wear masks in indoor public spaces

One of the other restrictions dropped yesterday was the compulsory wearing of masks in indoor public places.

There is, however, considerable evidence to suggest the wearing of masks reduces the spread of coronavirus.

3,404 Tab readers said they will continue to wear masks in public indoor spaces, while 666 said they would not.

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