‘The worry takes away the fun’: Young people on why they aren’t going clubbing

‘I never realised how toxic club culture is until I couldn’t go’

Today marks ‘Freedom Day’ when lockdown restrictions lift and clubs can finally open. Many people queued outside clubs across the country until midnight, when their favourite venues opened their doors for the first time in over a year. But whilst some young people are already keen to get their hot girl summer started and spending their student loan on new going out outfits, many are planning on staying in now clubs have reopened.

The Tab spoke to nine young people, who all say they’re not going clubbing. Whether 18 months of not going out has made them realise how “toxic” clubs can be or, for them, clubbing has now simply lost its appeal, they’re in absolutely no rush to head back to the world of jeans and a nice top, VKs and grotty smoking areas.

This is what young people have to say:

‘I never realised how toxic club culture is’

I never realised how toxic club culture is until I couldn’t go. I’m not saying I’ll never go because nights out can be super fun.

But in a way it just makes me nervous to be in a room with so many people again, especially drunk. I don’t miss guys trying to shove their hand up my skirt. I don’t miss walking home in the middle of the night worried that someone is following me.

And to be honest, clubs are expensive for what they are. I’d rather go to the pub or have a party at my house and then going clubbing can be one of those things I do now and then. But then again it’ll be based on what all my friends are doing too. I’m certainly not desperate to go back to clubbing.

I just think people are gonna be stupid about it when they finally reopen. And realistically most people who go clubbing are either going to have one vaccine jab or none at all. I don’t want to risk getting covid for the sake of a DJ and some disco lights.


‘I don’t understand how anyone can see it as appealing any more’

I have 100 per cent committed myself to never stepping foot in nightclubs again because of lockdown. Having spent many hours drunk in the comfort of my own home, I have whittled the practice down to a fine art – gone is any possibility of FOMO, because I have had time to dwell on exactly what I’m missing out on.

Overpriced drinks, grotty toilets, ringing ears from hours enduring terrible music and terrible people. I honestly don’t understand how anyone can see this as appealing anymore. Never again.

The thought of it is just terrible to me. A cool, more relaxed club with good music or gay bar is still a really good night, but mainstream pop music clubs with awful skinny jeans-wearing men with loafers is HELL. I think the people are the worst part.


‘I can’t go clubbing with people born in 2003’

The idea of going clubbing with people born in 2003 makes me feel ill.


‘The government is trying to revive the industry by putting young people at risk’

I really miss clubs, but I also don’t feel like the government will have really protected young people by then. The way the vaccine rollout is going, it seems as though clubbing will be open before I’ll be offered my first jab, let alone both of them.

At the moment I feel like the government is trying to revive the industry by putting young people at risk, figuring we will “probably be okay” or “won’t have it severely”. Herd immunity with vaccinations is all great, but it’s not the 50 year olds going clubbing.

I’m not super stressed about getting Covid, but no one knows whether it could have some impact on your health 20-30 years down the line. If I get it going out for a meal, or going to the shops, then oh well. But the probability of getting it where everyone’s unvaccinated and packed in seems higher. I’m just not sure going clubbing 21st June is worth the risk of screwing myself over later? I’d rather wait the extra month or two to get jabbed up before I go back to proper normal.


‘Nights out have too much hype’

I don’t drink so I don’t really see the point of the clubs. It’s also just not my scene.

I’ve always found nights out clubbing have too much hype, and never live up to it.


‘I’d much rather go to the pub’

I just have no urge to go back to a club anymore. If anything, the last year has proved to me that I haven’t really missed clubbing at all. I’d much rather spend an evening at a pub, or a nice restaurant over queuing for ages to get into a sweaty club and then spending loads just to have a huge hangover (and numerous regrets) the morning after.

Don’t get wrong, I will definitely go clubbing at some point again, it’s just waaaay down on my priorities list. Get me on holiday and back to restaurants inside first please!!


‘It sounds so overwhelming’

I haven’t seen that many people in like a year and a half. It sounds so overwhelming.


‘The worry would take away the fun’

I don’t plan to go clubbing immediately. Mostly because people don’t go to clubs to maintain social distancing so it’s almost definitely going to be a cesspit of infection. The worry of that would take away any aspect of fun.

It’s definitely not worth it. The whole premise of clubs is built on physical proximity so I really don’t know how they’re going to go about providing a good clubbing experience whilst also guaranteeing safety.

Also I think clubs reopening will definitely cause a spike and, considering the on-and-off trend of lockdowns, I’m not counting on clubs being open for long periods of time anyway.


‘I’m more excited for other things to reopen’

I just don’t find clubbing that fun! I’m much more excited for other things, like the theatre, to reopen.


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