Michael Ball Hairspray TikTok

Right so Michael Ball made a cursed Hairspray TikTok and it is haunting my nightmares


There is something deeply unsettling about Michael Ball. He’s just a bit TOO chirpy, isn’t he? It’s borderline manic – and that maniacal nature of Michael THEE Ball has unfortunately reached new heights in his migration to TikTok via this extremely cursed Hairspray duet video.

@hairspraylondonDuet with West End legend Michael Ball! 😍 Join in our ‘Mama, I’m A Big Girl Now’ duet! ##HairsprayLondon ##Duet ##Musicals ##Hairspray ##MichaelBall♬ original sound – hairspraymusical

As usual, TikTok hasn’t let such uneasy footage slip by quietly, and nobody really seems to know what to make of it. The purpose of the video is for the musical theatre-ly inclined amongst us to duet and have the opportunity to sing a song with Michael Ball – a West End mainstay who is obviously very successful in his field. But for the people that are sincerely unbothered by that prospect, the video is just deeply, deeply, unnerving.

@jc.idiot##duet with @hairspraylondon♬ original sound – hairspraymusical

The duet is set to the classic Hairspray tune Mama I’m A Big Girl Now. Because of how the song is structured, all of Michael’s bits are just so disorientating out of context. He just barks stop, don’t, no and please and then breaks into a chirpy little jig. It would actually be endearing if it wasn’t so harrowing.

@themichaelspencer##duet with @hairspraylondon “duets with michael ball” implies that there are more on the way♬ original sound – hairspraymusical

The audio is just begging to be memed. It’s so funny to see him giving it full 110 per cent effort as someone just watches on in the duet with a dead pan face, and the ones where people are just reacting to it and not being able to keep themselves together for laughing are hilarious.

But the best of all is this absolute icon who duetted it as if Michael Ball was holding her hostage. It’s truly spectacular. It’s a full blown, A24 horror film. It’s Anya Taylor Joy and James McAvoy in Split. Her commitment to the role is actually deserving of an Academy Award.

@savedbythedels##duet with @hairspraylondon i made this in the parking lot of the quiet place double feature i’m seeing tonight##broadway ##musicaltheatre ##hairspray♬ original sound – hairspraymusical

I can literally only hope and pray that this Michael Ball Hairspray TikTok saga grows and grows, as people find new ways to make the audio even more funny, sinister OR BOTH.

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