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What is the ‘white woman’s Instagram’ song that is all over TikTok right now?

I literally can’t stop singing ‘latte foam art!!!’

Another day, another song that has completely taken on a life of its own over on TikTok. If your FYP is a chaotically curated masterpiece like mine, you’ll be unable to move from videos using the White Woman’s Instagram song that’s currently been used in over 28,000 TikTok videos so far.

@izzyy.chambersand again since you’re still wanting more ‘variety’ 😭##foryou ##british♬ White Woman’s Instagram – Bo Burnham

The sound lists off cliché things that might crop up on a white woman’s Instagram like the title suggests, and it’s catchy as hell. But what is the song actually from!?

The song is from Inside, the Netflix special by Bo Burnham

White Woman’s Instagram is taken from Bo Burnham’s hugely acclaimed Netflix special Inside that came out earlier in 2021. Inside was Burnham’s first special in five years, and he wrote, directed, filmed and starred the whole thing in his house during the pandemic lockdowns. If you’ve not had chance to watch it, it’s honestly one of the best things to come out in a long time and has Bo really being introspective and honest about himself, his work and how his mental health has struggled through Covid.

White Woman’s Instagram is one of the more lighthearted songs in Inside, and as the title and lyrics suggest, it’s a satirical look at the Instagram habits of your average, bog standard white woman. Latte foam art, tiny pumpkins, fuzzy comfy socks… all of life is here!

How are people using White Woman’s Instagram on TikTok?

So, in the way that Bo reels off stuff that makes white women’s Instagrams so memorable, people on TikTok have been using the song to soundtrack their own videos of them doing the same kind of thing but with a different topic. So although the OG sound is being used, the viral videos can have nothing to do with what the song is actually saying.

@corywinnDid I miss any♬ White Woman’s Instagram – Bo Burnham

TikTok’s come up with the goods, and the funniest ones have included everything in a queer person’s bedroom, cursed British mum meals she’d cook for your tea and stuff you’d find round a typical white boy’s sink.

@blasphemitiscan’t forget the single carrot &lt3 ##middleclass ##lowermiddleclass ##boburnham ##whitewomansinstagram ##food♬ White Woman’s Instagram – Bo Burnham

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