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QUIZ: Can you actually guess the ages of these Islanders when they were on Love Island?

Sorry but HOW much older is Maura than Molly-Mae???😮

This is probably the hardest test you’ll take in your academic career. Forget A-Levels. Forget final uni exams. Forget SATs. This Love Island cast ages quiz is hardcore and will really test your brain power. Yeah sure, the average human knows how old Molly-Mae was when she joined the villa. But, I’d bet my entire existence that you don’t know the age gap between Molly-Mae and Maura. Or do you remember who was older out of the iconic season three duo, Chris or Kem??

Feel like you can prove yourself worthy of claiming the title of being “Love Island cast ages god”? Well what are you waiting for?! Take the Love Island cast ages quiz below to find out:

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