Drag Race Snatch Game

Drag Race: Who would win an all-winners edition of Snatch Game?

Literally the OLYMPICS of celebrity impersonation

Snatch Game is arguably the most important challenge in all of RuPaul’s Drag Race. If you win Snatch Game, it doesn’t even necessarily matter if you win the season or if you go home next week, you’ve already made history. A win is no easy feat, though. Getting a Snatch Game right is a skill – you have to get all the traits of your celebrity to be instantly recognisable to an audience and you have to ensure that you’re not only resembling who you’re doing, but that you make it funny.

There have been nearly 30 winners of Snatch Game across all the franchises of RuPaul’s Drag Race – some have even won it TWICE. The talent has been off the chart. But what if the very best of the best game back? The 10 greatest Snatch Game victors, back to once again try and get the top spot. Who’d win? Let’s find out, mama!

10. Alexis Michelle

Drag Race Snatch Game

Alexis’s season 9 Snatch Game win was her finest Drag Race moment. It was what she was born to do! But Alexis Michelle is an over thinker. The pressure of a second Snatch Game amongst winning company would make her get in her head and I don’t think she’d be able to replicate her success from the first time round. Sorry, queen!

9. Ginger Minj

Drag Race Snatch Game

With the All Stars 6 Snatch Game soon to be upon us, time will only tell if Ginger Minj will be able to replicate her season 7 Adele win. Ginger is an amazing actor, and the other girls of All Stars 6 should be nervous if she is on fine form. But so far on All Stars 6, Ginger’s run hasn’t lived up to her previous hype. She was in the bottom for an acting challenge last week, and if that’s the route it’s going down… Maybe she wouldn’t stand too great a chance on the Ultimate Snatch Game.

8. Katya

Katya is just funny. She has a gift. Her Suze Orman in season 7 was fun, but her Björk for All Stars 2 was Drag Race Snatch Game history. Katya could really be a force to be reckoned with if she picked the right character, but I think she has potentially peaked with her take on the Icelandic pop icon. It was the perfect choice and I don’t know if her follow up could match it!

7. Kennedy Davenport

Kennedy is someone with the highest of Snatch Game highs and the lowest of Snatch Game lows. Her All Stars 3 Phaedra Parks turn got her in the bottom, but her Little Richard was truly a game changer. With her Little Richard, she changed the Snatch Game game by taking her risk to impersonate a male character. Nowadays, queens wouldn’t bat an eyelid at playing a male on the Snatch Game, but back then it was a shock. If she could pull off something equally as impressive as her Little Richard in a winner’s Snatch Game, the other Drag Race girls better be worried.

6. Bob The Drag Queen

Bob proved themselves a talented actor all the way through season eight to get their well deserved crown. On the Snatch Game, Bob did what hadn’t been done before and switched characters halfway through. I’m not sure if that should be allowed tbh, but Bob did both Uzo and Carol so well that they solidified enough that they’ve got it in them to have multiple victories in the Snatch Game. My worry for a Bob victory though would be that they push themselves too far and do a triple character or something and it just be too much and flop.

5. Bimini Bon Boulash

Bimini’s Pricey impression was a rest for us in the UK. It was so fun seeing someone play such a legend of British hun culture on Drag Race, and Bimini did their finest work as Katie Price. Even Katie gave it her stamp of approval on YouTube! Let’s face it: Bimini should have won season 2 of Drag Race UK – and I just know they’ll be back to win their crown in an All Stars season. I have no doubt in my mind that Bimini will dominate that Snatch Game too, on the way to the crown they deserve.

4. Alaska

Alaska is one of the most hardworking and successful Drag Race queens of all time, and is an absolute threat to everyone she’s competing against no matter what the challenge is. Her Lady Bunny on season 5 was strong, but her Mae West for All Stars 2 let everyone know she was heading straight for that crown. Alaska just really has it in her to go there with her acting, she lets her stupidity shine through. She would be hard to beat in a winner’s Snatch Game, not only for her talent but for her competitive streak that would ensure she wouldn’t be going down without a BATTLE.

3. Chad Michaels

Chad is a professional impersonator, and BELIEVE YOU ME, it shows. Her Cher is so timeless and quotable and funny that I think about it every day of my life. Whilst she might be best known for Cher, she frequently does drag illusions and performances through impersonation on her Instagram all the time. Nobody in the history of Drag Race has costumes ready for impersonation like Chad Michaels does. Could she make them all as funny as her Cher? I do not doubt it.

2. Jinkx Monsoon

Drag Race Snatch Game

Jinkx Monsoon’s Little Edie is just Drag Race history. It’s beyond iconic at this point. She shut any naysayers up with a performance as Edie Bouvier that was campy, funny, well researched and witty beyond belief. It was like a one woman show. There’s only one queen who’s ever won Snatch Game twice, but if Jinkx ever participated in a winners season I have no doubt that she’d be the second to do so. One of the best actors to ever come on Drag Race. Period.

1. BenDeLaCreme

Drag Race Snatch Game

A DOUBLE SNATCH GAME WINNER!! Let that sink in, because it’s such a feat. DeLa is so untouchable when it comes to Snatch Game that I have no doubt in my mind she’d be going for the hat trick. She’s got a huge pot of references for her comedy and graduated from the Jinkx Monsoon school of amazing Seattle drag queen actors. BenDeLaCreme is the kind of performer that could tell RuPaul in the werk room that she was doing literally any celeb on Earth and RuPaul wouldn’t even ask “how are you going to make her funny?” We all just know it would be funny.

If BenDeLaCreme was on the roster for a winners Snatch Game, the other queens honestly might as well not show up. The win would be hers before it even began.

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