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Quiz: Can you guess which celebrities have been put through the Disney filter?

I demand that Disney makes all of these into real characters

Right now, loads of people on Twitter and TikTok are using a Disney / Pixar cartoon filter which makes you look like you’re fresh out of one the animated films yourself. So, if you think you could imagine what your favourite celebrities would look like if the Disney filter turned them into an actual Prince or Princess – this quiz is going to be a bit of you.

The filter is really easy to use, you just go onto Snapchat and it’s right there. It’s half cute, and half a little bit creepy – but when it’s put on famous faces it does look like they could be real life animated film characters. In the quiz below, the Disney / Pixar style filter has been put on 10 celebrities and all you have to do is correctly identify who it is. Easy, right?

Take this quiz to see if you can tell which celebrity has been put through the viral Disney filter:

You can use the Disney filter on Snapchat or a similar Cartoon filter with the Voilá AI Artist app in the App Store. 

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