Ibiza Weekender: Where are the reps now?

Deano’s got OnlyFans for a start

Ibiza Weekender is top tier British TV. Think Love Island, EastEnders and Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents all rolled into one with the same energy and enthusiasm of your first girls or lads holiday. Absolute chaos.

The show documents the reality of what happens when 18-24-year-olds are let loose in Ibiza, and shows just how much can really be fit into a single weekend. While the guests provide some variety to the events, it’s the holiday reps who really carry the show. Since the series first started in 2013 as The Magaluf Weekender, the cast’s endless dramas have kept us entertained for over eight years: From Jordan’s womanising to David’s punishments (painting a wall, anyone?), Ibiza Weekender has something for everyone.

Unfortunately, nightclubs, holidays and kissing strangers have all fallen victim to coronavirus restrictions, and so the production of Ibiza Weekender has been halted until love triangles can resume again, uninterrupted. No one can crack on with two metres of social distancing between them (although Callum might give it a try). Until we can all be transported back to Ibiza again every Sunday night, here’s an update on what the stars of Ibiza Weekender are up to now.

David ‘El Jefe’ Potts

El Jefe. Simultaneously the heart, backbone, and glue of  the show. Joining for the first season of Ibiza Weekender, David Potts feels like part of the iconic orange furniture.

Loved for his strict rules and punishments as Head Rep and generally being the mum friend to a dysfunctional family of reps, David has remained a fan favourite to this day.

Since we last saw David on our screens, he has lost three and a half stone and undergone a physical transformation, counting calories, exercising and working with personal trainer David Norris to reach his weight loss goal.

David also starred and was runner up on ITV2’s Celebrity Karaoke Club, where he blessed us all with iconic renditions of karaoke classics and has also presented The Cabins spin off show Out of the Woods with Clara Amfo earlier this year.

Despite his charisma and karaoke talents, David appears to be single, although he had a successful appearance on Celebs Go Dating in 2019.

David is active on Instagram and regularly shares updates on his life, throwback Weekender pics and promotions for Select Magaluf, a recruitment programme for holiday reps of which he is the face and head rep.

You can get a personalised video from David on Cameo for £93.75. He’s got a five star rating on the website so we think it’s worth it.

Callum Izzard

Infamous TV bad boy Callum Izzard has not laid low since the end of season nine, and has instead continued his party lifestyle since his split from ex-fiancée Love Island’s Georgia Steel in April 2020.

Callum spent time in Dubai over lockdown, attending and promoting boat parties and events in the United Arab Emirates where lockdown restrictions on mixing had been lifted late last year. He was amongst other influencers and reality stars who were criticised for travelling abroad during the winter lockdown, and has since returned to the UK to continue his partying here.

His hangover cure capsule company, freshhedz, will undoubtedly benefit from the reopening of clubs on July 19th, and it hopefully won’t be too long until we see more of Callum and some Ibiza hangovers on our screens.

Callum also has a successful OnlyFans page with 6,700 likes. Nearly seven thousand people can’t be disappointed.

Tasha ‘Tash’ Kiran

Despite only joining the show in season five, Tasha “Tash” Kiran has ensured that her time on Ibiza Weekender is not easily forgettable.

Her journey from model rep in season five to nearly being sacked in season six, due to the impact of personal drama on her rep work, made for some very good TV.

Luckily, Tash quickly turned it around and kept her job and her status as an Ibiza Weekender icon.

Since the last series aired Tash has continued to regularly post on Instagram and share pictures of her luxe lifestyle, nights out and holidays.

She also has links to a skincare training account and an account where she is a “travel specialist” on her Instagram profile. You can purchase a Cameo video from Tash for only £11.25 (much cheaper than El Jefe’s rate).

Chloe Chaloner

Chloe joined the series in season five along with Tash, and was similarly quick to make an impact. She quickly formed a bond with the other cast members, especially Callum Izzard who she had a relationship with throughout season five, culminating in her having to return home due to a ban on rep relationships (thanks David).

Chloe returned in season nine after her breakup with Callum, and their attempts to move on from the relationship contributed to the endless love triangles of the season.

Nowadays, Chloe is very active on social media with an Instagram following of 152 thousand followers,

Like Callum, also has an OnlyFans account where she posts content for subscribers. She appears to be single and living her best life, regularly posting her glam looks and also working as a makeup artist.

Riva Vatsaloo

Welsh law grad Riva joined the weekender team for season six, and walked straight into drama.

She made an instant connection with Callum and the pair initially developed a relationship which was quickly tested by the shock arrival of Callum’s ex Chloe, and Callum sleeping with Tash.

The romance didn’t go the distance and Riva appears to be single now from her social media.

Riva appeared to be much quieter than the other reps on screen, and continues to keep a comparatively low profile off screen.

Although she doesn’t have an OnlyFans or Cameo account, Riva has grown her Instagram following and shares pictures of her enviable outfits, a far cry from the iconic purple and orange uniforms on the show.

Jaden Richards

With a thick Leeds accent, a short back and sides haircut and a gym-honed body, Jaden Davies fit the role of Ibiza rep perfectly when he joined the team with Riva for the latest series.

He let no time go to waste, following in legendary Weekender footsteps by having both a rep romance with Tash and also getting with guests on screen.

The relationship was thrown off by the revelation that Tash had slept with Callum, and although Jaden forgave Tash their romantic connection didn’t appear to continue off screen.

Jaden has since immersed himself in the influencing lifestyle, using his platform to grow his Leeds based events company, Lost in Leeds.

He regularly posts throwbacks to his time in Ibiza, so hopefully we’ll be seeing more of Jordan when the series returns.

Jordan Davies

No article about Ibiza Weekender is complete without mentioning Jordan, the only cast member to have starred in all nine seasons of both Magaluf and Ibiza Weekender.

His early days on the show were dominated by the seduction of both guests and the other reps, often at the same time. When he met his now girlfriend Isobel on season five viewers watched as the one time bad boy became a committed man (it only took eight seasons).

The ninth season saw Jordan debate his role on the show, eventually deciding to leave the Weekender team after nearly 10 years and ending his reign as longest standing rep.

Since leaving the show, Jordan has continued to be a holiday rep when coronavirus restrictions have allowed, working for the Magaluf Weekender holiday experience along with Isobel, Chloe, Tash and Savvas.

Jordan also owns rep recruitment company Sunseeker Workers which many of his co-stars promote on Instagram.

Jordan’s Instagram account has over 710 thousand followers, the highest number of the cast, and he often uses his platform to promote his new music, which is on Spotify, and his work as a DJ. His new single “Undercover” with Alfie Cridland is released on July 2nd.

Isobel Mills

When Isobel joined the series in season five she was quickly enamoured with Jordan.

Whilst there were a few bumps in the road, this rep romance is the only one to have gone the distance and Isobel regularly posts cute pictures of the couple, including this especially cute Christmas pic with their dog, Oreo.

Isobel and Jordan celebrated their two year anniversary in October 2020 and it hopefully won’t be too long until a Weekender wedding or baby is on the cards. I’m thinking El Jefe for a boy.

Dean ‘Deano’ Baily

Joining for the last season in Magaluf and continuing to entertain viewers until season four of the Ibiza series, Deano Baily is a Weekender icon.

Before joining the series Deano even showed off his star quality on the X Factor.

Although Deano got uttlerly rejected by the judges, (he did briefly return as the Xtra Factor’s wildcard choice though) his wild antics got the approval of Weekender fans.

Forget his on-and-off relationship with original rep Imogen, Deano formed half of “Jordeano” with Jordan, the most iconic partnership to ever exist.

When he eventually decided to leave the show, Deano left a gap in the rep team that just could not be filled.

Nowadays, Deano appears to be in a  relationship with Ellie Bicknell, and is attempting to make his mark on Tiktok with some questionable videos (@bailydeano, try not to be too scarred).

He also makes exclusive X-rated content for his subscribers on OnlyFans. “Welcum to my OnlyFans ;)” is the opening line. No one but Deano could get away with that.

Savvas Georgiou


Via Instagram @savvasweekender

Ibiza Weekender’s first and only apprentice rep (I’m not sure if that’s a compliment or an insult), Savvas Georgiou was undoubtedly the most enthusiastic of the cast, bringing a high level of energy to every episode.

Despite being promoted to Assistant Head rep at the end of season five, Savvas sadly only lasted one season on the show.

Since he left the show Savvas has remained close with the Weekender team, working for Magaluf Weekender holidays with many of his fellow reps.

He has also promoted Jordan’s rep recruitment company on his Instagram account, where he has a respectable 65 thousand followers and posts regularly. Miss you, Savvas.

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