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Who is Lawrence ‘lawrencetiktok90’ Green and how did he get so popular on TikTok?

He now has over three million followers

When you’re sat on your nightly in bed four hour TikTok binge scroll, chances are you’ve stumbled across Lawrence Green.

@lawrencetiktok90Dinnah ##treat ##friends ##kebab ##thankyou♬ original sound – Lawrence

Lawrence has become one of the biggest TikTok creators in the country, gaining an army of fans with his weight loss journey and honest sharing of what he eats in a day whilst he tries to shed the pounds.

He’s become an unlikely star on the app, but who is Lawrence Green and how did he get so many followers?

He’s originally from London

@lawrencetiktok90Reply to @lewisrochelle keep going ##lawl ##foodie ##whatsthatsay ##joke♬ original sound – Lawrence

Lawrence is a Londoner who has recently moved to Wakefield. In his own words, he’s just “a normal person in a council flat.”

He’s 30 years old and is now a full time influencer thanks to his TikTok success.

How did his profile get so big?

In October, he had 100,000 followers and now his TikTok follower count has reached 3.3 million.

He’s won the hearts of many with his calm nature, honesty and down to earth vibes that make watching his videos really soothing. He frequently goes live eating his dinner, and uses his platform to give company to people who lived alone in lockdown and needed some company.

@lawrencetiktok90Im still standing ##law ##foodie ##dinnah ##happy ##lawl ##kebab♬ I’m Still Standing – Remastered – Elton John

He has said that most of his audience is from the UK (estimating about two million) and then the other million come from the US.

Why did he start a TikTok?

Lawrence has said he set up a TikTok just for himself to log his weight loss journey after being encouraged to do so by his sister, and never expected people to watch or care to the level that they do.

His positive attitude and good nature has resulted in him getting a lot of returning viewers. He often shows his plate of food and names each component whilst eating along, resulting in a few catchphrases – like the way he says ‘cucumber’ and ‘lettuce leaf’.

Lawrence has so far lost eight stone in 39 weeks, and shows no signs of slowing down.

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