I want to go home please, why do you want to go home Jayne TikTok audio

So, where does the ‘I want to go home please’ TikTok audio come from?


Right now on TikTok, loads of people are using the viral audio clip which begins “I want to go home please” to share things that they really want in life. The audio then goes on to a massive rant, so you’ve probably wondered where exactly it actually came from.

The audio people are using says: “I want to go home please.” “Why do you want to go home Jayne?” “Are you on drugs? Are you fucking on drugs? Why do I want to go home?!” People on TikTok will usually use captions over the “I want to go home please” to sub something else in for “go home”, and then the videos will show exactly why they would want what they substituted “go home” in the audio for. Here’s an example:

@libbyywardShe really be living the dream ##fyp ##mollymae

♬ original sound – emily🫂

The original audio clip in from former glamour model Jayne Connery, who was a housemate in Big Brother 17. She enters the Diary Room and has a huge rant to Big Brother about how fed up and bored she is of the house, and how it’s sending her so crazy that she wants to go home. It really is something.

Jayne is famous for having an affair with John Terry and being a journalist who has interviewed icons such as Joan Collins, Dolly Parton and Dustin Hoffman. She then went on to become a private investigator. Whilst she was on Big Brother, she became pretty well known for her huge and dramatic Diary Room meltdowns.

Here’s the original clip of where the ‘I want to go home please’ TikTok audio actually came from:

This might just be the most iconic moment in Big Brother history.

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