C’mere and look at these memes of Matt LeBlanc being everyone’s Irish da

He looks like the type of guy who types out a whole message on his phone with one finger

Irish Twitter have been absolutely losing it over an image of Matt LeBlanc at the Friends Reunion special. In the picture, Matt is wearing a buttoned stripey short-sleeve shire and sat with his arm crossed with a sweet look on his face. Here is the pic of Matt being everyone’s dad:

People on Twitter are saying he looks like everyone’s favourite Irish uncle, the type of man you’d have a deep conversation with at your cousin’s wedding reception. He’d be sinking his seventh pint talking about his life experiences, offering you the best advice you’ll ever get. To put it briefly: he’s the main character of Irish Twitter right now and we’re all obsessed.

Here are the best auld lad Matt LeBlanc memes which sent Irish Twitter into turmoil:

1. This is a classic

2. He’ll never understand it

3. There are girls too xx


5. Thank GOD I’m here

6. That’s not what I meant

7. ‘I didn’t do well in Maths, ask the person on your right’

8. Why does everyone over the age of 45 ask this???

9. This was pure torture for both us and our uncle’s

10. ‘Is that the time? Let’s rock and roll.’

11. Don’t you think hospitality workers deal with enough already???

12. He blends in so well

13. These are the best conversations

14. He’s just as suprised as you are


16. It’s most likely a bottle of Whiskey or some sort of soap set

17. Better late than never

18. He finds it so satisfying

19. Give me all the beers, uncle

20. ‘See you same time next year!!!’

Featured image background credited to Jason Dent on Unsplash.

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