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Perrie and Leigh-Anne are pregnant, and these memes prove how hysterical we all are

‘This is a shoutout to my eggs’

We’ve all seen the news that Perrie Edwards and Leigh-Anne Pinnock are both pregnant, with mini mixers, at the same time, right now. By now you’ve probably screamed, sent on the announcement pictures to every group chat you’re in, cried a little, contemplated the joint baby bump photoshoot, cried a little more, and shared all the hysterical Little Mix memes on your feed.

I’m really not sure what it is with Little Mix. Maybe its their seeming inability to produce a song which isn’t a banger, how it looks like the girls would literally die for one another or their incredible videos – but the world is just obsessed with them. So, because you definitely want them, here are the best memes reacting to the news that both Perrie and Leigh-Anne from Little Mix are pregnant. What a time to be alive.


2. Ok but my heart will actually stop

3. Oops x


5. I am in awe

6. This is your tour now x


8. The world domination we are about to see

9. She’s going to struggle carrying him for nine months:///

10. Tbh, I would still book

11. She understands the assignment

12. See you guys there !!

13. Jade getting that coolest aunty vibe ready

14. Coming to a stage near you !!!

15. All doing their things x

16. I have no doubt that this will happen

17. Get it x

18. Gorgeous x

19. Love this for them

20. Nothing much xx

21. And finally, can we just

I’m crying again.

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