little mix music video quiz

Quiz: Only a true Little Mix fan can guess their music video from just one picture

Do you know your Confetti from your Wings?


Since Little Mix won X Factor 10 years ago, they’ve brought us nothing but banger after absolute banger – and some pretty iconic music videos to go along with them. From their early music videos, with very questionable graphics and styling looking like it’s been brought straight out of River Island and Dorothy Perkins, to their sexy newest album which came out last month. I can’t tell you any of the song titles, because that would defeat the whole object of this quiz, wouldn’t it?

This quiz will determine if you’re a casual Little Mix listener, knowing only their most popular songs and watching a music video or two. Or are you a mega fan, listening to their songs on repeat, religiously watching their vids and then watching all the behind the scenes clips on the girls’ Instas?

Only a true Little Mix fan will get more than 13/15 on this music video quiz, but you’d better take it and find out:

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