23 ways of saying you’re a student, without saying you’re a student

Everything becomes self care if you think about it for long enough

University students do really weird things that the ordinary day-to-day adult can’t comprehend. We’re a rare type of breed and have a particular way of living. People on TikTok have been using the ‘tell me you’re a without telling me you’re a’ trend to show off how weird students are compared to the rest of the general public.

It takes more to be a student than just rocking up late to lectures or binning off work to go to the pub every night (though we do actually do that too). It’s really not that hard to tell a student apart from a random 20-year-old working adult.

If you don’t believe me, here’s 23 ways of saying you’re a student, without saying you’re a student.

1. Would die for a washing up sponge attached to the stick

Take all of my money!!

2. Eating pesto pasta five times a week

It’s a delicacy and you can’t convince me otherwise.

3. Always found in a dressing gown


4. Leaving your washing to dry for four days because you cba to put it away

It’s the circle of life.

5. Will pay £9k a year for uni but draws the line at a £5 pint


This pint broke the BANK

6. Never emptying the bins and slowly gaining a pile of rubbish

These hands are simply too delicate to touch that.

7. There’s always a frozen bolognese to hand in the freezer under the Aldi pizza


8. Email receipts to a landlord saying there’s some kind of infestation

Another big YUM.

9. Immune to the noise of housemates shagging

Nothing phases me anymore.

10. Will nap and hysterically cry in public

They cried five mins after this pic was taken x

You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do to get through a library session.

11. Aiming for the bare minimum with every single task

Number one rule of life: never aim for the stars.

12. Can eat dinner at 5pm or 10pm

Both are reasonable times.

13. Seven mins and 48 seconds to spare? Perfect time for a nap

It’s a talent. Students are illegally good at napping.

14. Can make the final loo roll last beyond five working days

In a house of skint students, anything is possible.

15. Being spiritually connected to cheesy chips

16. Smelly tea towels to see if they’re clean

You haven’t experienced pain unless you’ve smelt a dirty uni tea towel.

17. Never touching the floor with bare feet

You know the game ‘the floor is lava’? Yeah, well it’s like that but instead of lava it’s a dodgy case of athlete’s foot and verrucas x

18. Having no fear from TV licence letters

They don’t faze me. I am hardcore, and I will NEVER stop watching EastEnders.

19. Waking up 10 minutes before you have to be literally anywhere

It’s both a blessing and a curse.

20. Going out on a random week night and getting absolutely ruined

It’s perfectly normal and acceptable.

21. Being spiritually aligned with any shit daytime TV show

This Morning? Loose Women? Come Dine with Me? I would DIE for them all.

22. Turning up to stuff drunk from the night before

This has happened way too often for my liking – it’s become a second nature to me.

23. Pints become part of your personality


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