Ok so what is the coconut girl aesthetic that’s all over TikTok?

She’s this year’s VSCO girl

Summer is on the way and girls on TikTok are deciding what their aesthetic for the next few months is going to be. Summer is no longer just shorts, T-shirts and getting pissed in the park. You have to decide your aesthetic for the next few months and run with it. And there are so many aesthetics to go for. There’s light academia, Y2K, that girl, cottage core, grunge and so many more. And the latest aesthetic to take over TikTok is the coconut girl aesthetic.

This aesthetic is all about shells, hibiscus print, frozen yoghurt and basically imagining you’re in the Aquamarine movie. The girls on TikTok trying out this aesthetic are typically blonde, tanned and look as if they live on the beach 24/7. But without the windswept hair.

The coconut girl aesthetic hash tag on TikTok already has over five million page views and the videos usually feature slideshows of pictures and videos that sum up the aesthetic and they’re accompanied by a song appeared to be sung by Lana Del Rey.

@loveonlynyc##coconutgirl ##mermaidaesthetic ##beachvibes 🌺♬ original sound – ʚ❤︎ɞ

This is everything you need to know about the coconut girl aesthetic:

What is the coconut girl aesthetic?

According to Urban Dictionary the coconut girl aesthetic is “an aesthetic that got popularised on TikTok in 2021. Some of the staples are hibiscus prints, glitter tattoos, and graphic tank tops. it is reminiscent of early 2000’s summer styles.”

The resurgence of early 2000s fashion trends is all over TikTok. The main one is the Y2K trend that is focused on Paris Hilton, Mean Girls, Juicy Couture tracksuits and low rise jeans.

The coconut girl is an off shoot of this Y2K phase and focuses on surf style culture and fashion. The main reference points are the movies Aquamarine, Blue Crush and of course the TV show H2O.

@oldloserinbrooklynReply to @femalepresentingnipple trend cycle deep dive: coconut girl ##trendcycle ##fashioncycle ##2021trends ##fashiontrends♬ Blue Blood – Heinz Kiessling & Various Artists

It’s all about chilled out vibes, colourful but not super bright clothes, beach waves, shell necklaces and hibiscus print shirts. You can basically picture the girl already – she’s tanned, probably blonde and never wears shoes. She spends all her time on the beach, takes Polaroids, uses the dolphin emoji, eats a lot of fruit and has glitter stick on tattoos.

The girl sounds pretty familiar as it’s basically a new and updated version of the VSCO girl except she doesn’t wear Vans and there’s no Hydro Flask in sight.

How do I get coconut girl aesthetic?

The main way to become the coconut girl is to essentially dress how you did when you were seven years old. Butterly tops, shell necklaces, crochet bags, blue nail varnish and glitter tattoos. Obviously this whole aesthetic is able to buy on at the normal high street stores, but if you want to go true coconut girl then shop in Roxy and Billabong.

The whole point of coconut girl summer is to spend your time near water and the beach. This is easy when you live in California, not so much when you live in the UK.

But you can still embrace the aesthetic with beach inspired interiors like a wave print duvet and eating your body weight in mangoes and pretend you’re on the beach somewhere.

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