cheugy things

Sorry but if you relate to 39/47 of these things then you’re definitely cheugy

Please stop calling your plants your ‘children’


Cheugy is one of TikTok’s favourite words and by now you probably know what it means to be cheugy, but in case you had any doubt if you’re cheugy, then we’ve compiled a list of the 47 things that make you cheugy.

The word has been around since 2013 but it’s often going viral on TikTok and now Gen-Z are using it to take the piss out of millennials even more.

It’s essentially about being interested in things that were cool or on-trend a few years ago. Like the obsession with prosecco or still reposting all the birthday shoutouts you get on Instagram.

The most obvious cheugy things are a love of Disney, Starbucks personalised refillable cups, and the phrase “this one”. However, there’s actually far more to it than that. There are things you probably do that you don’t even realise are subtly cheugy, like calling yourself a “plant mum” or being obsessed with getting a grey French bulldog.

No one really wants to be cheugy and yet we’ve all got a bit of cheug in us, and you will have definitely done a decent chunk of things on the following list.

If you own or do at least half of these things then you’re very cheugy:

1. Being obsessed with Apple products

2. Loving Friends, Harry Potter, Grey’s Anatomy, The Simpsons or the US Office an unhealthy amount

3. Being a Disney adult

4. Wearing skinny jeans

5. Having those exposed lightbulbs in your home

6. Starbucks merchandise

7. Particularly drinking out of one of those massive personalised refillable cups

8. Thinking Netflix is the greatest thing since sliced bread

9. Frequently doing spinning classes

10. Using the phrase “this one”

11. Similarly “boy did good”

12. Or even worse “my person”  or “my human”

13. Caring about the Kardashians’ lives

14. Thinking Chrissy Teigen is the funniest person on Twitter

15. And that she and John Legend are “couple goals”

16. Any girl boss-themed merchandise

17. Even using the word “girl boss”

18. Thinking drinking prosecco is a personality trait

19. Frosé

20. Going to any bar with pink neon light signs

21. Double points for taking pictures in front of them and posting them on Instagram

22. Thinking a French bulldog is the only dog breed

23. Pop sockets

24. Anything rose gold

25. The phrase “not today satan”

26. Editing every photo with VSCO

27. Charcuterie boards

28. Marble anything

29. Wearing a denim jacket

30. Slogan tote bags

31. Double GG Gucci belts

32. Lasagne

33. Succulents

34. And referring to your plants as your “babies” or “children”

cheugy things

35. Buying stationery from Paperchase

36. Using Bumble and no other dating apps

37. Liking Coldplay

38. Matching his and hers items

39. Live, laugh, love signs

40. And any other wooden quote saying

41. Holidays in Dubai

42. Giving your car a name once you’re older than 18

43. John Green books

44. Taking pictures of your food shopping basket or trolley

cheugy things

45. Reposting all the birthday shoutout stories you get on Instagram

46. Those water bottles that have timings of when to drink

47. Having multiple highlights saved on your Instagram profile that are all coordinated

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