This dentistry student is the latest contestant lined-up for Love Island 2021

He’s a fitness model too, naturally

Love Island 2021 kicks off next month and the rumours are already circulating about who the potential contestants could be. The latest person thought to be lined-up as an Islander is university student and fitness model, Zack Chugg.

The 21-year-old is currently in his second year studying dentistry at Leeds, and also runs fitness pages on Instagram. On his social media profiles he says he is a fitness model and personal trainer too. He posts loads of pictures promoting fitness, lifestyle choices and a whole lotta pics in his Leeds uni dental scrubs.

Love Island 2021 rumoured contestant Zack Chugg

via Instagram @zack.chug

Zack was first rumoured to be taking part in the show after sharing on Instagram a number of email exchanges between himself and producers about casting and his auditions.

Zack, who is originally from Solihull, confirmed to the Yorkshire Evening Post that he will be a contestant on Love Island 2021, after having confirmation talks with ITV. He claims the producers were “amazed” by what he does.

“I released a post about men’s skincare routines and then got a direct message on Instagram from an ITV casting agent. I think they are really fascinated by what I do and I don’t know if they’ve met someone who does the sort of thing that I do yet,” he said.

He added: “There are a lot of good looking models out there but I think they’re amazed by my dentistry and fitness influencing and weight loss side of things as well. I was quite fat before university started and after my gap year I realised I needed to get into shape and couldn’t go to uni looking like I did.”

Love Island 2021 rumoured contestant Zack Chugg

via Instagram @zack.chug

As well as his dentistry and modelling, Yorkshire Evening Post reports that Zack spent his gap year before uni working as a recruitment consultant for Lord Sugar, after his dad managed to secure him an interview because he knows former The Apprentice winner, James White.

Zack added: “I watch Love Island every year so for me it was amazing because when I got the message from them, my younger self was so proud. I’d always watch it thinking imagine being the type of guy to go on there or to be in shape and get girls, and now, here I am. I’ve never had a relationship before and I think that was another reason why they liked me, because I’ve never been in that situation.”

Love Island 2021 rumoured contestant Zack Chugg

via Instagram @zack.chug

Him being a dentist fits the Love Island bill this year, with producers saying they wanted to cast key workers and an NHS doctor already being among the rumoured contestants. Watch this space. 👀

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