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Kendall Jenner accused of cultural appropriation in ‘tone deaf’ tequila advert

People are accusing her of taking business away from locals

Kendall Jenner has been accused of cultural appropriation and taking business away from Mexicans following the release of her tequila brand’s latest advert.

Posting on Instagram yesterday Kendall shared images and videos in promotion for her new tequila brand 818. In the post she said it was incredible to learn about tequila and the drinks would be available throughout the US soon.

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She said: “What an incredible experience i have had thus far, learning about this beautiful place, it’s beautiful culture, and the beautiful people!@drink818 has launched in California… we will be rolling out to the rest of the US all summer long, keep a look out!!!”

In the pictures Kendall is seen with a horse and strolling through an agave farm where a number of farm workers are pictured alongside her.

Many people online have accused her of cultural appropriation due to the outfit and hairstyle she is wearing in the advert which is traditionally associated with Mexican culture.

Some are saying the outfit is disrespectful as she is wearing it as a costume for the photoshoot. There is also additional criticism that she is pushing stereotypes of Mexican culture by wearing the outfit.

Kendall is also being accused of taking business away from the local Mexican population.

A Twitter user highlighted tequila can only be made in Mexico and is incredibly important for their culture.

They said in Kendall coming to Mexico to create a tequila she is taking business away from small companies and families.

They said: “Why is tequila so important in the Mexican culture? It’s important because no other country can produce Tequila; it’s an important beverage that we use when we are happy, sad, celebrating, mourning etc. and it’s important for the country’s economy.

“Many families, specially in Jalisco, Mexico, produce tequila for Mexican brands or even they have their own small businesses of tequila. Kendall Jenner coming to Jalisco and starting her tequila is making that many families to lose their job to big names like her.”

Kendall has not commented on the allegations but has turned off the comments on the Instagram post promoting 818.

The Tab has contacted Kendall Jenner for comment. 

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