Who is Pete from Gogglebox’s fiancée?

She went to uni in London

Gogglebox is by far the best thing on TV right now, providing a witty dissection of everything that’s happened in the UK over the past week. One of the absolute stars of the show is Blackpool-based armchair comedian, Pete Sandiford, who you’ll regularly find cracking jokes with his sister and sipping tea out of a ridiculous mug.

But when he’s not doing either of those two things, he’s probably banging on about his fiancée Paige, whose name he first dropped on the show back in October.

The couple are now engaged and expecting their first child, but who exactly is Paige Yeomans and what does she do? Here’s what we know.

According to Paige’s LinkedIn, she studied English language and linguistics at Queen Mary University, London.

She worked as a sales assistant at House of Fraser for nearly two years, before getting a job as an Emergency Service Call Handler.

Paige and Pete have definitely been going out for a while as when 26-year-old Pete launched his relationship on Instagram back in October, he told followers: “This was taken last year FYI”

After the couple found out they were expecting a child, Pete posted this on Instagram.

Fellow Gogglebox stars were quick to congratulate the couple. Tom Malone Jr said: “Congratulations mate!!! Happy for you!!!”

Ellie Warner added: “Massive congratulations to you and Paige. You’ll have to start making dad jokes now.”

Pete revealed his baby news to Gogglebox viewers when he showed his sister Sophie the ultrasound scan while filming the show.

Sophie held the image up to her face and said: “My niece or nephew. Does it look like me?”

Pete replied: “No, it’s going to be good looking. Hopefully it looks like Paige.”


Paige, Pete and @sophiesandiford1

The good news is that Pete’s fiancée and his sister seem to get along really well as she posted the above Instagram post: “My best friends forever.”

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