If you think you recognise the voice narrating The Sons of Sam on Netflix, this is why

No, it’s not the real journalist Maury Terry’s voice

The Sons of Sam: A Descent into Darkness went straight into the top spot of the Netflix Top 10 list when it was released this week. The four-part series tells the story of serial killer David Berkowitz and journalist Maury Terry’s investigation into the theory that the killer wasn’t working alone and could be part of a cult. With Maury Terry being such a huge focus of the doc, you might have been wondering who it actually is who has provided his voiceover for the series – because the narrator of The Sons of Sam isn’t actually him.

Journalist Maury Terry sadly passed away in 2015, so the voiceover for his part was provided by someone else. So, because you’ve probably heard that voice before and have been wondering where, here’s who it is.

The Sons of Sam: A Descent Into Darkness, Netflix, narrator, voiceover, Maury Terry

Maury Terry, via Netflix

Ok, so who actually is the narrator for The Sons of Sam documentary series on Netflix?

The voice of Maury Terry is provided by Emmy-winning and Academy Award-nominated American actor and producer, Paul Giamatti. Yes, as in the guy who is the star of The Ant Bully, Andrew’s Shit in Big Mouth, Storylord in Rick and Morty, TV BoJack in BoJack Horseman and Santa Claus in the movie Fred Claus.

Paul Giamatti, The Sons of Sam: A Descent Into Darkness, Netflix, narrator, voiceover

The actor in Billions

The 53-year-old draws information from an adapted version of Terry’s book, The Ultimate Evil, as well as other records which the late journalist kept. Terry made sure the director of the Netflix documentary, Joshua Zeman, received boxes of all his findings before his death.

I am shook.

Over a period of just over a year, beginning in the summer of 1976 in New York, David Berkowitz was found to have killed six people and wounded seven others. But, investigator and journalist Maury Terry didn’t think he acted alone. Evidence pointed towards a murderous cult – but nobody else was ever convicted in the case.

The Netflix documentary looks back and the case, and the claims he did not act alone. The series uses archival news footage, conversations with the people closest to the investigation, and journalist and Ultimate Evil author Maury Terry’s own words and case files to tell a cautionary tale of a man who went down a rabbit hole and never came out.

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